Research Status of Thermal Deformation of Machine Tools

Research Status of Thermal Deformation of Machine Tools in Journal of Natural Science of Jilin University of Technology Yan Zhanhui Yu Yan 21. Tu Chun. Cheng Xuebiao works long and wears 3,12; 2 rest. Learning mechanical mechanics and dropping out of Jilin Changchun 13,25, introduction Since the Swiss in 1933 measured and studied the thermal deformation of the coordinate boring machine, people have noticed that the thermal effect on the machining accuracy of the parts, to a full ten years, With the development of 1 and ultra-fine processing technology and the emergence of phased processing systems. People have put forward higher requirements for the machining accuracy of metal cutting machine tools. The machining accuracy of the machine tool mainly depends on the static characteristics of the machine tool and the thermal characteristics. According to the British Benedictine School of Fire, Professor Shishi Bijie and Menshui Kyoto University Kanno Yoshiaki 3 statistics show that in the precision machining, the manufacturing error caused by the thermal deformation of the machine tool accounts for the total manufacturing error and compensation. Solution machine, deformation 1 is not the engineering real 1 small heat source on the thermal deformation of the machine tool. Scholars around the world around the various heat sources on the thermal deformation of the machine before the series. Reducing the thermal deformation of machine tools. From the indirect compensation of thermal error and the optimization of machine tool structure. The research status of online indirect error compensation technology for thermal deformation of machine tools. Theoretical analysis of thermal deformation of machine tools. Theoretical research on thermal deformation of machine tools began in the 20th century. In the ages, and in the past, some of the first stages of the theory of thermal deformation of machine tools were the use of Hot 1 Lake. On the knowledge research of machine tool thermal deformation, the relationship between the thermal field deformation of the heart fund project National Torch Program funded project 990236600168 was initially established. Until the early 1970s, due to the effective application of computer and other analytical tools and far-infrared thermal imaging laser holography in thermal deformation research, the thermal deformation of machine tools entered a new stage of quantitative analysis, and began to use finite difference. The method and finite element method are used to calculate the transient steady-state temperature field and thermal deformation of complex machine tool basics. At present, the development of the general finite element method manufacturing 1 suitable for calculating various complex models has been developed. The process of solving the thermal deformation by the finite element method is as follows. Jianqiujianjianzhongyuan solution 黾元求涞クc junction initial discretization domain temperature region functional temperature idle temperature value thermal decay value beam 12 machine tool thermal deformation compensation technology research to completely eliminate the heat of the internal heat source of the machine tool It is impossible to balance the internal temperature field of the machine tool in a short time. For this reason, online compensation with thermal error is a strategy that is widely studied in recent years to control the thermal deformation of machine tools. The compensation technology is composed of the thermal error signal of the measurement system of the temperature change of some sensitive points of the machine tool and the data processing is composed of the thermal error compensation control part of the numerical control system.

The machining error caused by the thermal deformation of the machine tool is inconvenient to measure directly. Usually, the mathematical model of the relationship between the temperature change and the thermal deformation of the machine tool is established by measuring the temperature change of some sensitive points on the machine tool, and the thermal error compensation control is indirectly controlled. The mathematical models used can be divided into empirical models and digital simulation models. In 1975, 5, 4, etc. proposed a linear univariate mathematical model to determine the temperature change of some sensitive points of the vertical milling machine and the test relationship of the spindle thermal elongation. From then on, the heat change 1 Shan quantitative research is allowed. In the 86 years, Hua 1 pointed out. The effect of thermal energy on machine tool accuracy is extremely complicated, but it is significantly predictable. It provides a theoretical basis for controlling thermal deformation of machine tools by thermal error compensation technology. 5.1995, 霏3, etc. Real-time compensation for thermal error of turning machining center The research is carried out, and the flexible error measurement method and the optimized temperature variable selection process are proposed, which overcomes the difficulty of determining the component error according to the determined coordinates and making partial selection from a large number of temperature sensors. In the late 1990s, Professor Ren Ruhe of the University of Concordia in Canada proposed a new method for optimizing the real-time compensation of thermal deformation of machine tools. The general model method and the 3-domain method were used to solve the thermal deformation of the machine tool. The displacement function of the displacement function needs to be adjusted offline with respect to the temperature distribution function, and the solution efficiency is high, and no need to use the non-meter data. The country of Michigan in the United States 1; professors and other 1998 issued a gentleman, 16 feet, 1 mountain 3 坩, 1 镨 68 such as 3 brain 1 ton 1 you 1 article. An online measurement data processing and error compensation system with up to 32 error sources including geometric error boxes is proposed. In addition, the method of modeling and real-time compensation for thermal deformation of machine tools is also time series analysis robust modeling and neural Network, etc.

2 Improve the structure of the machine tool and perform computer-aided design decoupling. Selecting the direction of thermal deformation by using a thermally symmetrical structure to reasonably arrange the position of the support and speeding up the temperature field balance, etc., a new method for improving the air-heat deformation of the drill machine is proposed, according to the phase change material. The characteristics of releasing energy and maintaining the temperature remain unchanged. Professor Chen Zichen of Zhejiang University proposed to inject the phase change material into the basic parts of the machine tool, which can eliminate the thermal deformation of the basic parts within a certain range, and provide a new idea for studying the thermal deformation of the basic parts. Cao Yi of the Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Research and Design of Hughes proposed to use the principle of self-collimation to set up a new rail grinding machine. This new type of straight track grinding machine virtually eliminates deformation of the basic bed table due to changes in ambient temperature. The basic point of the design is that after changing the basic structure of the machine tool and changing the conventional basic shape 2;1 to the shape of 21, if the upper base length is proportional to the length of the lower base, Beihe greatly eliminates the heat caused by the change of the ambient temperature. Deformation. The underlying foundation is stable. If the upper base bed and the workbench can automatically compensate for the deformation by gravity, the stiffness must be reduced. This is the idea of ​​flexibility. To solve the thermal deformation problem of the basic parts of precision machine tools by disintegrating the symmetry and flexibility.

7 Pan must 3 conventional foundation, 3 self-collimating rail grinding machine basic model specification 6, the guide rail straight out. ! 1 linear stability mml weight ratio price ratio environmental requirements constant temperature workshop ordinary rail grinder elbow 52120 constant temperature workshop self-collimating rail grinder elbow 52125 ordinary workshop in summary, machine tool thermal deformation is an important factor in the precision machining of parts processing precision It has attracted more and more people's attention, and there are many research methods. Especially with the development of computer technology control theory, the application of finite element analysis method, the research of machine tool structure of thermal deformation theory. The pre-machine tool thermal deformation technology will be applied to the actual production, and the machining precision will be greatly improved. I2 Tanano Yoshizawa. The influence of machine tool thermal deformation on machining accuracy. Mechanical boring tool, 199710184844.

I3 Day Yidong. The basic technology of modern machine tools. Beijing Mechanical Industry Press, 1987.


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