Discussion on the maintenance and management of centrifugal air compressor

Li Haibing (Energy Center of Hebei Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Hebei Province, Hebei 05600Q) It is well known that the air compressor can be said to be the structural main body of the entire gas source device, which can be transformed by the mechanical energy generated by the prime mover during the actual operation. For the gas pressure energy corresponding to it. Centrifugal compressor unit is a kind of branch of speed air compressor unit. Its most remarkable characteristic is that the main air flow generated during the operation of air compressor is moving in the radial direction, which determines the centrifugal type. The particularity of the air compressor in the process of maintenance and management. Based on this, this paper takes the centrifugal air compressor as the research object, starting from the analysis of the maintenance measures of the centrifugal air compressor and the analysis of the management measures of the centrifugal air compressor, and has carried out more detailed around this central issue. Analysis and elaboration, and based on this, demonstrate the importance of the reliability of maintenance and management work in improving the operational stability of centrifugal air compressors.

Centrifugal; air compressor; maintenance; management; measures; analysis for centrifugal air compressors, its application advantages in the operation process is highlighted in the following aspects of the management measures of 2 centrifugal air compressors: 1 The centrifugal air compressor has a relatively complete and compact structure, and the weight parameters are relatively small, which has a larger exhaust volume than the general air compressor device; 3 the structure of the centrifugal air compressor device The number of vulnerable parts is relatively small, which can ensure the reliability operation of the whole compressor system device to the utmost extent. On this basis, the service life can be stably improved. 3 The exhaust operation of the centrifugal air compressor unit is affected by the internal lubricating oil of the system. The quality of the pollution is less, ensuring its good gas supply quality; 4 centrifugal air compressor device shows high working efficiency in large displacement environment, and energy saving benefit is remarkable. This also shows the importance of maintenance and management in ensuring the optimal development of various applications of centrifugal air compressors. This article tries to make a detailed analysis and explanation on the above issues.

1 Analysis of maintenance measures for centrifugal air compressors 1) In the case of problems with the radial bearing temperature of centrifugal air compressors, in order to ensure the stability of maintenance quality, the key is to analyze the causes of bearing temperature treatment problems. Then the corresponding maintenance treatment method is made: Firstly, from the perspective of the problem of the radial bearing temperature of the centrifugal air compressor, the reasons for its formation can be divided into: a cooling problem of the internal lubricating oil of the centrifugal air compressor or Insufficient reserves; b. Defective quality of lubricating oil added to centrifugal air compressors or deterioration due to excessive storage time; c. The selected lubricating oil of centrifugal air compressors has a relatively large moisture content, which affects the purity of lubricating oil itself. Index; d. Centrifugal air compressor bearing part inlet temperature is too high; e. Centrifugal air compressor bearing position alloy itself quality and casting operation has certain defects; f. Centrifugal air compressor design process There is a defect in the gap indicator setting of the bearing bush and the journal portion. Secondly, from the point of view of the maintenance measures of the centrifugal air compressor supporting the bearing temperature, the maintenance measures can be divided into: a. Check the air compressor oil pipe and adjust the throttle hole parameters according to the actual oil quantity. b. Increase the oil in time; c. Regularly check and repair the oil cooler device to prevent leakage of the device; d. Reasonably adjust and control the cooling water volume, and strengthen the oil cooling of the air compressor Performance; e. Detecting the tightness of the bearing position of the bearing alloy or secondary casting; f. Controlling the interference gap between the bearing and the journal.

3 In the case that the centrifugal air compressor bearing vibration exceeds the specified limit, in order to ensure the stability of the maintenance quality, it is also necessary to analyze the problem and the maintenance measures: First, the vibration of the bearing from the centrifugal air compressor exceeds the regulations. In terms of the reasons for the limitation, the following points are summarized as follows: a. The centrifugal air compressor is not closely aligned with the axis of rotation; b. There is a certain gap between the bearing device and the bearing cover; c During the actual operation of the centrifugal air compressor, the frictional collision problem occurs frequently between the rotor and the gas seal part; d. The air compressor is in the operating environment of the surge zone, and its load load force shows a significant change trend. e. Centrifugal air compressor device has the problem of improper clearance of the rotor parts; f. The air compressor device shows obvious bearing height elevation during the actual operation. Secondly, from the perspective of the maintenance measures of the centrifugal air compressor bearing vibration exceeding the specified limit, the corresponding maintenance measures can be divided into the following aspects: a. Reviewing the center position of the drive axis and secondary leveling b. Scratch the bearing gasket device of the centrifugal air compressor device to ensure the stability of the interference value between the bearing gasket and the bearing device; c. Reasonably adjust the gas seal gap value with reference to the specified limit parameter And correction; d. Reasonable adjustment of the intake guide vane and the vent valve device at the first time when the load load force changes sharply; a check and correct the gap parameter of the rotor part; f. The gasket gap parameter of the position is checked to ensure that it is within the specified value and the relevant parameters of the bearing surface are adjusted reasonably.

1) First of all, it is necessary to standardize the operation of the centrifugal air compressor in the early stage of operation. The management measures in this stage need to pay attention to the following aspects: a. Centrifugal air compressor installation and unit starting conditions Have detailed inspections (including the last maintenance reasons, maintenance data and other indicators); b. Check the normality indicators of the electrical instrumentation and lamp signal operation of the centrifugal air compressor device to ensure the air compressor device In the accident chain system (including low oil pressure, shaft vibration and temperature problems, etc. can make correct actions; c. Focus on the lubrication system normal state detection needs to pay attention to fuel tank oil level parameters, oil circuit smoothness and auxiliary oil pump device Operational normality indicators; d. Detect the flexibility of various valves in the air compressor unit and the timeliness of the corresponding on-off commands to ensure that the centrifugal air compressor is in a good state to be operated.

3 Secondly, it is necessary to standardize the management of the system operation during the operation of the centrifugal air compressor. The management measures in this stage need to pay attention to the following aspects: a. The centrifugal air compressor device and the unit are in operation. The abnormality of the noise is detected to ensure that the operating vibration is within the limits of tolerance; b. The real-time oil temperature rise rate of the bearing parts of the air compressor unit is detected, and it is timely in the case of its close to the highest tolerable limit. The entire air compressor is parked, especially when the position of the oil outlet of the cooler device rises to 3 (PC40 °C, the oil heating system is cut off, and the inlet valve position of the oil cooler device is opened. State; c. Refer to the air separation standard to properly adjust and control the discharge pressure parameters of the air compressor.

The relevant staff needs to clarify one aspect: under the current technical conditions, the centrifugal air compressor is a high-precision high-speed rotating device. Centrifugal air compressors exhibit outstanding stability and reliability performance under the action of stable gas flow. This paper briefly analyzes and explains the main points of maintenance and management of centrifugal air compressors, and hopes to provide some help for the future research and practice.

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