2012 Changsha Automobile Production Will Break 200,000

2012 Changsha Automobile Production Will Break 200,000 The reporter learned from the Changsha Automobile Industry Development Forum 2012 held yesterday that: From January to October this year, the Changsha automobile industry completed a scale industrial output value of 24.74 billion yuan, and it is expected that the annual automobile-scale industrial output value will exceed 40 billion yuan, and the vehicle production will exceed 200,000 yuan. Vehicle. Dong Jianping, deputy secretary-general of the China Automobile Industry Association, and He Jihua, deputy mayor attended the event.

This year marks the year in which Changsha's automobile industry has made a breakthrough. Three new cars, BYD, GAC Fiat, and GAC Mitsubishi, have taken off. The Changsha automotive industry has entered the fastest period of development in history. With the full-scale production of major depots, Beijing light trucks and pick-up trucks settled in Changsha, Changsha's total automobile output value is expected to exceed 84 billion yuan next year. Within three years, the automobile industry will become a billion-dollar industry for Changsha's industrial freshmen. At present, there are 6 enterprises with a turnover value of over 1 billion yuan in the Changsha automobile industry and 48 enterprises with a production value of over 100 million yuan. The current automobile industry development forum aims to achieve in-depth dialogue and comprehensive planning around the development of the automotive industry and the automobile society through the joint efforts of the government and enterprises, and to build the automotive industry into the "second growth pole" and national importance of Changsha industry. Car production base.

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