Titanium dioxide industry wants to push green manufacturing

“Titanium dioxide industry excess capacity, product structure is irrational, homogenization competition is serious; high-end products can not meet market needs, still need to import, urgently need to carry out supply side structural reforms.” Deputy Director of Raw Materials Industry Department of Industry and Information Technology Department Aihua Pan On February 16th, the “Titanium Dioxide Industry Supply-side Structural Reform and Integrated Production and Financial Integration Seminar” sponsored by the Huasheng Green Industry Foundation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated that supply-side reform in 2017 is a crucial year. After the gradual upward trend in the market price in 2016, the titanium dioxide industry must calmly face the changes in the market.
Low-end surplus and high-end deficiency coexist
The raw material industry is the cornerstone of China's industrial development and one of the main battlefields of structural reforms on the supply side. Titanium dioxide is widely used as an important raw material in many industries. Titanium dioxide is currently the best white pigment, widely used in coatings, plastics, paper, ink, rubber, chemical fiber and other industrial fields, is an indispensable fine chemical raw materials and "industrial whitening agent." According to the data of business clubs, the price of titanium dioxide has been rising since 2016, experiencing a trend of 13 consecutive rises, from 10,900 yuan/ton in early January to 15,300 yuan/ton in late December, an increase of 40.36%.
After more than 60 years of development in China's titanium dioxide industry, by 2015, the domestic titanium dioxide production capacity will reach an annual output of 3.06 million tons or more, and the output will reach 2.3 million tons. It is the world’s largest producer and consumer of titanium dioxide. In 2015, the export volume of titanium dioxide reached 538,000 tons and about 200,000 tons of high-grade titanium dioxide was imported. Pan Aihua believes that China's titanium dioxide industry is facing the predicament of low-end overcapacity and high-end capacity shortage.
On the one hand, the layout is scattered, the production scale of the company is small, the industrial concentration is low, and the scale effect is poor. On the other hand, the industrial structure is irrational. The domestic titanium dioxide production mainly adopts the traditional sulfuric acid process, accounting for 96.5%, and the production of titanium dioxide representing the international advanced production method only accounts for 3.5%. The high-end titanium dioxide is produced by chlorination, and this part of the demand is dependent on imports for a long time.
Pan Aihua believes that under the guidance of the national green development concept, China's titanium dioxide industry will face enormous opportunities for industrial upgrading. Enterprises in the industry need to seize the current opportunity to strengthen the research and development of advanced equipment, optimize product structure, and jointly improve the production technology of titanium dioxide in China. Strengthen the production capacity of high-end products and promote the rapid development of the industry.
Shen Dagang, director of the industry research department of the Huasheng Green Industry Foundation, said that China has become the world’s largest producer of titanium dioxide in 2010, but it is not yet a manufacturing powerhouse, and the “three highs” of the industry have not been completely resolved. "The task is still arduous, and building a green, low-carbon, cyclical development of the industrial system has a long way to go. It is necessary to vigorously promote the industrialization of chlorination as a breakthrough point to accelerate the adjustment of the industrial structure of the titanium dioxide industry. At the same time, it promotes the clean production technology of sulfuric acid and vigorously promotes green manufacturing to achieve the sustainable development of the titanium dioxide industry.
Great pressure for energy saving and emission reduction
At the same time as the rapid development of China's titanium dioxide industry, the industry is also facing some major problems, in which a huge pressure on energy saving and emission reduction is the problem that the titanium dioxide industry has to face. Because China generally adopts the traditional sulfuric acid production process, the amount of "three wastes" produced during the production process is large, which brings tremendous pressure on environmental pollution treatment.
Pan Aihua said that green development is not only an idea but also an initiative. The titanium dioxide industry must not only do a good job of economic development, but also do a good job of subtracting energy and resource consumption and environmental damage, and achieve maximum benefits at the lowest cost of resources and environment. .
Pan Aihua believes that it is necessary to promote the cleanliness of traditional production processes. Energy conservation and environmental protection technologies and high technology should be used to transform and upgrade traditional production processes, increase resource utilization, reduce “three wastes” emissions, and improve “three wastes” treatment technologies in order to meet the green requirements of production methods. At the same time, speed up the core technology research, pay more attention to the adoption of more advanced and applicable production processes, and vigorously promote resource security, green development and clean low-carbon utilization. Strengthen the transformation and application of key technology research and technological innovation achievements, highlight the high-end nature of the industry level and the cutting-edge of technology research and development, and strive to make it play a leading role in the green transformation.
Shen Dagang said that from the perspective of supply-side structural reforms, backward production capacity should be eliminated, industrial layout should be optimized, and industry mergers and reorganizations should be accelerated. Encourage titanium dioxide companies to combine and merge and reorganize, and accelerate the integration of titanium dioxide industry through complementary advantages, and upgrade the industry's technology level, corporate monomer scale, and industrial concentration. Through the formulation of industry-related policies and regulations, and strict implementation of industrial access conditions, the production capacity of backward and non-compliant environmental protection policies will be firmly shut down. Efforts to build a well-known titanium dioxide brand at home and abroad to improve the product's international competitiveness. Enhance the independent R&D capability and manufacturing level of titanium dioxide production process equipment, focus on breaking through the technology of complete production equipment for chlorination, break through the foreign technology blockade, and form high-end equipment technologies with independent intellectual property rights. Focus on the promotion of chlorination production technology, and increase the proportion of chlorinated titanium dioxide in products. Strengthen the research and development of environmental protection technologies in the titanium dioxide industry, promote the positive interaction between production, research and development in the titanium dioxide industry, and effectively implement industrial initiatives to build green ecological civilization during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period.
Urgent need for deep participation in financial capital
Finance is the blood of industry and it is an important support for the development of the real economy. Under the current situation of vigorously advancing supply-side structural reforms, it is particularly urgent for financial support industries to increase efficiency and upgrade and strengthen the real economy.
According to Pan Aihua, the titanium dioxide industry is a capital-intensive industry, and investment in the industry requires the support of financial capital. Titanium dioxide enterprises should cooperate with financial institutions in depth to develop green finance in the titanium dioxide industry. In combination with the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, they will seek opportunities for green development funds in the titanium dioxide industry and create a model for the integration of industry and financial capital.
Li Hongyan, executive president of the Huasheng Green Industry Foundation, said that the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has promoted the construction goals of “Made in China 2025”, integrated green manufacturing and industrial green transformation, and used green capital and other capital measures to clean green industry. The implementation of production and environmental protection provides strong support.
Li Hongyan stated that the foundation will use the titanium dioxide industry as a starting point for a new year's work and discuss the feasibility of establishing a green development fund for the titanium dioxide industry through cooperation with social capital. This will give play to the structure of green finance on the supply side. The important role of sexual reform is to deepen the integration of industry and finance and promote the technological upgrading and industrial integration of China's titanium dioxide industry. Through market-oriented means, the Green Development Fund will drive industrial investment, strengthen investment in technological innovation, and enhance the energy-saving and emission-reduction effects of the industry.

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