Facial recognition will help doctors find rare inherited diseases

A group of scientists have used facial recognition to run on identities or to find crooks. A research group at the National Human Genome Research Institute has developed a face recognition method that can diagnose the genetic condition called a rare disease (DiGeorge syndrome). DiGeorge, which is caused by a small fragment missing on chromosome 22, causes some complications and cognitive conditions that make it difficult for people to diagnose. At the same time it is also equipped with a unique facial appearance found, it varies greatly across the race.

Paul Kruska, a medical geneticist, explained that "human deformity syndrome occurs in different parts of the world. Even experienced clinicians are unable to diagnose genetic syndromes in non-European populations." This is where facial recognition comes in. The research team studied pictures of 101 participants with rare diseases from Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Then they developed the facial recognition technology, which was 96.6% of the time they could correctly diagnose the condition during trial operation. The team said that their technology can diagnose Down syndrome.
Although this may take some time, researchers plan to develop their own creations until it can help healthcare providers around the world.

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