The LED industry in February is not earth-shattering.

In the past 2016, several major international giants have shot and sold one by one, which has set off waves in the industry. Some dust settled, some have yet to be determined, and some of the highly-respected cross-border acquisitions have died, making people sigh. In February, some new developments appeared in front of people. In various predictions, it was so quiet in February that there was no earth-shattering event, but it was also surging. Trading Tracks In the past 2016, several major international giants have shot and sold one after another, setting off waves in the industry. Some dust settled, some have yet to be determined, and some of the highly-respected cross-border acquisitions have died, making people sigh. In February, some new developments appeared in front of people. A spokesman for OSRAM in Germany said on February 11 that the US Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS) has approved OSRAM to sell its lighting business to a Chinese consortium. Since the German Ministry of Economic Affairs approved in January this year, OSRAM sold Roundmans to Chinese companies. According to the analysis, it is only theoretically approved by the Chinese regulatory authorities that the Chinese consortium can complete the acquisition of the OSRAM lighting business as scheduled in FY2017. On February 16, Cree announced that it will terminate the sale of Wolfspeed to Infineon. On July 14 last year, Career announced that it decided to sell the power and RF business unit Wolfspeed of Cree Electronics to German chip manufacturer Infineon Technologies AG. However, this year, the proposed transaction will be terminated due to the inability of Cree and Infineon to identify alternatives to national security issues of concern to the US Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS). The termination of this transaction with Infineon will trigger a termination fee of $12.5 million to Corey. Due to the termination of the transaction and Cree's decision to focus on running the Wolfspeed business, Wolfspeed will now be reported as a separate part of Career's ongoing operations. In addition, there is news that Philips recently said that they will sell 14.8% of the shares of Philips Lighting (LIGHT.AS). Wisdom moved on February 10th, NVC Group and Shaohaihui jointly launched by Haier Home and other companies and officially signed a strategic cooperation with the establishment of a housing development system and a housing development system. Committed to making more breakthroughs in the field of intelligent lighting. On February 21, Feile Audio announced that the company and the Guiyang Bank Co., Ltd. signed a "Strategic Cooperation Agreement", and the two sides will carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in the smart city industry in the future. According to the agreement, the two sides reached an intention to jointly lead the smart city industry fund (contract type) with a total scale of not more than 50 billion yuan to support the industrial development of Feile Audio in the smart city field. According to the agreement, the two sides will strengthen cooperation in the fields of industrial funds, financial leasing, supply chain financing, fund settlement, capital market business, big data and other investment and financing. In addition, in the projects invested by the Smart City Industry Fund, the project involves the fields of big data financial services, Internet payment and settlement, etc. Both parties agree that Guiyang Bank is the preferred partner of banking financial institutions. In addition, the Chongqing Optoelectronics Research Institute, which was officially established in July 2016, is expected to complete the offline promotion of smart lighting into 100 community smart lighting in June this year. Smart homes and smart cities are all related to smart lighting. How to cut in How to develop, enterprises are still constantly exploring. At present, it is still the region, enterprise or enterprise to hold their own hands. I believe that with the development of technology and the gradual clarification of the connotation of intelligent lighting, the pattern of intelligent lighting will have new changes. . The listing of listed companies has continued, and there have been corporate news in February. Guangdong Laiya Intelligent Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. officially applied for the listing of the New Third Board. According to the information, Laiya Optoelectronics' main business is the development, production and sales of LED lighting products. The main products are LED lighting products. The product series includes bulbs and lamps. , downlights, spotlights, panel lights, grille lights, spotlights, track spotlights, etc. On February 10, Huaguang Optoelectronics announced that the company had received the CSRC Counseling Record Registration Acceptance Letter, and the company is currently accepting the listing counseling of Lianxun Securities. Huaguang Optoelectronics was listed on the New Third Board on August 4 last year. The transfer method is the agreement transfer. Its main business semiconductor laser (LD) epitaxial materials, dies, devices and application products are developed, produced and sold. Plant factory layout busy plant factory is known as the future of food industry and agriculture. Plant factories using LED lighting have attracted much attention and developed rapidly. For example, Sanan Optoelectronics and the Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have created the Zhongke Sanan plant factory and entered the light. In the biological field, at the end of March this year, its second plant will be put into use, and an additional 50,000 square meters of planted area will be added. The domestic Jinshajiang Capital invested in the potential development of AeroeroeroFarms arms in the United States in 2013 and has obtained the exclusive technology license of AeroFarms Greater China. It is expected to build the first phase of 10 in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou. Full size plant factory. In addition to plant factories, some urban farms combining container and farm are quietly developing, such as foreign-focused container city farms operated by the venture company Square Roots, which is filled with red and blue LEDs. Light can control the product more efficiently. Container farms can be grown and harvested throughout the year by controlling the growth conditions of the plants. At the same time, the farm can also make customized vegetables according to demand. In addition, deep-UV LEDs, LED automotive lighting also showed an active trend, such as OSRAM and AlN single-crystal substrate supplier HexaTech signed two strategic agreements. This will help OSRAM accelerate the development of its UV-CLED devices based on HexaTech materials, making OSRAM a major high-performance optoelectronic technology provider offering a wide range of products from deep UV wavelengths to infrared wavelengths. Japan's chemical company Deshan and Japan's electrical equipment giant Stanley Electric decided to expand cooperation in the field of deep ultraviolet LED.

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