NVC Lighting and Baoyilai enter the home industry to seek new development

Recently, the well-known listed company Huizhou NVC Lighting announced that it will enter the field of overall household products, and will cooperate with Baoyilai Home Furnishing to promote the new development of the household goods industry. NVC Lighting is a leading lighting product supplier in China and was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on May 20, 2010. According to statistics from the China Lighting Association, NVC Lighting is the largest supplier of domestic lighting brands based on 2009 revenue. According to 2008 production, NVC Lighting is China's largest manufacturer of energy-saving lamps, T4/T5 brackets and electronic ballasts. NVC has manufacturing bases in Guangdong, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Shanghai, 2 R&D centers, 37 operation centers and more than 2,000 brand stores. NVC has established operations in more than 30 countries and regions around the world. In June 2001, NVC passed the ISO9002 quality system certification. In March 2008, the NVC trademark was recognized as a well-known trademark in China. NVC products cover commercial lighting, LED lighting, home lighting, office lighting, outdoor lighting, intelligent lighting, light source appliances and other fields. Since its inception in 1998, commercial lighting has maintained its leading position in the industry. NVC Lighting was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on May 20, 2010. Code: 2222 HK. NVC has been in the field of LED for many years. As a world-renowned supplier of home soft-packing products, it knows that the future development potential of the home furnishing industry is huge. It will use its own channel advantages to combine the advantages of Baoyilai's overall home soft-wear living museum construction. The household goods business model has been fully implemented. The industry of the home industry services is very wide. On the surface, as long as there is technical design, everything can be done, but this is precisely the root cause of the industry's relatively inadequate regulation and brand specifications. In this market context, Baoyilai home choice Focused on positioning the business scope in the home soft-packed living hall, undertaking the soft-packed output engineering business, implanting the smart home security system, etc., forming a unique business model of input and three benefits, unparalleled! Quality is specialized, and the service is deeply rooted in such a height. Baoyilai home soft clothing is widely used in all kinds of styles and homes in the country. The number of customers exceeds 300, and it has gained a good reputation. And reputation evaluation. With its exquisite business, elite team and perfect after-sales service, the company keeps pace with the modern home softwear market, grasps the key to enterprise development, and leads the modern home softwear industry into the fast lane.

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