Ministry of Information Industry delineates major projects such as measuring instrument technology

"Accelerating the ability of independent innovation and realizing the breakthrough of information technology is a major mission in front of the whole industry." Recently, Wang Xudong, Minister of the Information Industry Department, said that to promote technological innovation in the information industry, we must actively create independent innovation in the information industry. Policy and regulatory environment.

Wang Xudong made the above remarks at the "National Information Industry Technology Innovation Conference" held in Beijing last week. The conference was held by the Ministry of Information Industry, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Science and Technology. It is a high-level conference aimed at encouraging technological innovation in the information industry.

It is reported that at this meeting, the relevant ministries and commissions not only promulgated and interpreted the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan for Science and Technology Development of the Ministry of Information Industry and the Medium- and Long-Term Plan for 2020", but also issued the "Guidelines on Accelerating Independent Innovation in the Information Industry". Opinions and "Several Policies on Supporting the Development of National Electronic Information Industry Bases and Industrial Parks", and soliciting opinions on the "Administrative Measures for the Identification of Information Industry Technology Innovation Enterprises", and will issue them as soon as possible after revision and improvement; meanwhile, relevant ministries It also emphasizes the need to accelerate the research and formulation of a series of related policies, including "Key Technologies and Important Product Catalogues of China's Information Industry with Independent Intellectual Property Rights", "Intellectual Property Issues in the Information Industry Sector", "Implementation Rules for Major Majors in Information Technology" and Measures for the Management of Major Specialties in Information Technology.

According to the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan for Information Industry Development and the Medium- and Long-Term Plan for 2020", in the next 5-15 years, 15 key technologies developed in the field will be listed as the focus of information industry technology development.

The key developments in the 15 information industry technologies are: integrated circuits, software technologies, new component technologies, electronic materials technologies, network and communication technologies, computer technologies, storage technologies, digital audio and video technologies, network and information security technologies, and optoelectronics. Technology, display technology, measuring instrument technology, electronic special equipment manufacturing technology, information technology application and navigation, telemetry, remote control, remote sensing technology.

At the same time, the "Outline" is to implement the research and development and industrialization of related technologies, and also launched 13 major projects: integrated circuits, software, new components, high-definition digital TV, broadband wireless mobile communications, next-generation networks, networks and Information security, home network intelligent terminal, automotive computing platform engineering, agricultural information platform, intelligent transportation system, information industry and information technology service platform and scientific research achievements transformation platform and service system.

In this regard, the relevant leaders of the three ministries and commissions have said that they will "concentrate their strengths to do big things" and continue to increase their support for scientific and technological innovation in the information industry.

At this meeting, relevant business representatives also talked about the experience and views of independent innovation. "Independent innovation is difficult to achieve breakthroughs by one enterprise alone. The government should increase coordination and organization and guidance, so that enterprises can work together to overcome difficulties." Guo Qingcun, vice president of Hisense Group Co., Ltd. said, "The lack of core technology affects the development of information industry standards. And the improvement of competitiveness, the resulting information industry is not strong is the reality we must face."

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