Barco launches new loom inspection system

Recently, Barco of Belgium released a new generation of Cy-clops loom inspection system, which is mainly aimed at the growing industrial textile market. 100% of its products need to be tested. The high-speed Cyclops system scans the defect faster than the current single-camera system. In addition, the width of the fabric can reach 280CM. It is reported that Cyclops is a camera technology used by Barco Automation, and then image processing and calculation, analysis of these images to find defects on the fabric. So far, the scanning speed of the Cyclops camera is 18CM. /S. The new high-speed Cyclops is 51CM/S. The current Cyclops system can detect 81% of fabrics, while the new generation can detect all fabrics and adapt to all loom speed ranges. Practical applications show that small parts Defects, such as stains/weft curls, etc., are as good as large flaws and weft yarns of the entire width.

Product introduction:

The lighting truck is suitable for general roads, highways, mines and so on to provide mobile lighting for brightness, long-distance night work and other work sites.

The metal halide lamp is used as the light source of the lighting vehicle. The metal halide lamp emits light through the air discharge inside the luminous tube, so there is no broken wire and the service life is long.
The same power metal halide lamp and iodine tungsten lamp comparison, brightness is 6 times of iodine tungsten lamp, service life is 5 times of iodine tungsten lamp, power consumption is only 1/5 of iodine tungsten lamp.

Projection lighting vehicle: the vehicle body is strong and durable, stable performance, to ensure the normal work in all kinds of harsh environment and climate conditions, the application place and role is more extensive;
Its brightness is big, rise and fall height is tall, illume range is wide, apply to general road, airport, dock at night construction illume, the use such as night job of open pit mine.

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