Make concerted efforts to promote the commercial vehicle AMT gearbox

“Does the spring of domestic commercial vehicle AMT (electrically controlled mechanical automatic transmission) arrive?” At the 7th International Automotive Transmission and Drive Technology Symposium, Li Fayou, Deputy Dean of Automotive Transmission Design Institute of China Heavy Truck Group Technology Center, In the report entitled "A discussion on the development trend of commercial vehicles AMT in China", this question was put forward in a straightforward manner.

This is a question worth pondering.

Major foreign vehicle (mainframe) companies in the commercial vehicle industry have their own AMT series (VOLVO, Daimler, SCANIA), and independent AMT producers include ZF and EATON.

Aifu AMT transmission
ZAI AFT's AMT transmission market share is high

The market share of commercial vehicle AMT in foreign countries: 80% in Europe; North America is gradually increasing.

In contrast, the domestic AMT market for commercial vehicles is slow to develop. Among medium and heavy commercial vehicle companies, China National Heavy Duty Truck and FAW have their own AMT and ZF AMT. In the passenger car industry, due to policies, environmental protection and other factors, more AMTs are equipped with new energy (hybrid) passenger cars. For example, AMTs such as ZF and EATON are applied on passenger cars. Domestic AMT suppliers for independent commercial vehicles include transmission companies such as Fast.

The comparison of Li Fayou is nothing more than telling people the fact that the spring of AMT for commercial vehicles in Europe and the United States has arrived and the spring of China’s commercial vehicle AMT has not yet arrived.

The emissions of a heavy commercial vehicle equals the emissions of dozens of cars. AMT can improve the driver's overall driving level, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China announced in 2010 that the “Industrial Technology Advancement and Technical Transformation Investment Direction of the Automotive Industry” encourages the development of automatic transmission of mechanical transmissions for commercial vehicles, the implementation of State IV emission regulations by the State, and the implementation of the “Limits for Fuel Consumption of Heavy Commercial Vehicles” in the future. Direct or indirect support for the promotion of commercial vehicle AMT.

AMT is the cornerstone of the follow-up series of advanced technologies such as DCT, hybrid power and other new energy auto parts, and smart driving (unmanned) technology (during Daimler's exhibition of the future vehicle "FutureTruck2025" at the 2014 IAA).

AMT equipped with commercial vehicles is an inevitable trend in the development of commercial vehicle technology
Fast 16-speed AMT gearbox

AMT can create value for users: reduce labor intensity and bring comfort; drivers do not need to step on clutch pedals, concentrate more on driving, bring driving safety; maintain high-level driver operation, avoid the adverse impact of low-level drivers, and improve Fuel economy; Avoid misuse, reduce shift shocks, and protect clutches, transmissions, and other hardware.

Based on the above facts, Li Fayou firmly believes: "AMT equipped commercial vehicles is an inevitable trend in the development of commercial vehicle technology."

Immediately afterwards, Li Fayou cited the factors that currently restrict the development of domestic commercial vehicle AMT: the low localization rate of key components has led to high costs, which has led to higher prices for AMT models than similar manual transmission models; some users have automatic Obstacles such as large fuel consumption of vehicles; industry standards lag behind and urgently need to be improved; pre-sale training is not in place; users do not grasp the AMT operating rules, feel inconvenience, and have a bad impression on AMT; parts required for maintenance cannot be timely and affect users. Confidence in car purchase; manual transmission users and service stations can perform routine maintenance with low threshold; AMT maintenance requires specialized tools and professionals, and the threshold is high; its service level affects users' confidence in use, which in turn affects market availability; high-speed operation for a long time, change With a small number of blocks, the advantages of AMT are not fully reflected. Many advantages of AMT cannot be directly quantified. It is difficult for users to compare revenues on the books and reduce the AMT's price/performance ratio.

Commercial vehicle AMT is a product that is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and safe. Li Fayou said: “The government should support commercial vehicle AMT production companies and users; support the rapid development of upstream and downstream related industries, reduce AMT costs; accelerate the development of AMT and vehicle standards. The industry should select a typical operating conditions suitable for AMT to play an advantage. Enterprises should improve their production organization and management capabilities and build a service network that integrates points, lines, networks, and services.” “A single game is not a spring but a colorful spring.” Li Fayou appealed: “Whole vehicle (main) companies and parts companies Should make concerted efforts to jointly promote AMT commercial vehicles."

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