Fuzhou will build an internal combustion engine manufacturing base

The Economic and Trade Commission of Fujian Province officially approved in recent days to include the Fuzhou City Internal Combustion Engine and Power Generation Equipment Industry Cluster in the key projects for the implementation of the 2009 Industrial Cluster Technology Improvement of the Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, and arranged special funds to support it.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Fuzhou Machinery and Metallurgy Industry Office, according to the approval requirements of the Fujian Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, Fuzhou will improve the internal combustion engine and power generation equipment industry cluster from three major aspects in the future. The first is to build a technical support platform for industrial clusters and break through major common key technologies. The second is to develop multi-cylinder internal combustion engine products and increase the supporting range of end products. The third is to accelerate the extension of the industrial chain. Encourage Fuzhou enterprises and foreign companies, domestic leading internal combustion engines, and end-product companies with strong R&D strength to settle in Fuzhou to accelerate upstream components such as pistons, piston rings, aluminum die castings, gears, fuel tanks, cylinder liners, crankshafts, and grease pump. And extend the downstream terminal industrial chains such as power locomotives, micro tillage machines, pump units, tractors, lawn mowers, cleaning machines, garden machinery, and agricultural machinery, exert scale and cluster effects, reduce production costs, and gain competitive advantages.

Steering Bearings 

1.   With the latest four-point angular contact ball design, the axial play is less than 0.05, at the same time, the axial loading capacity is greatly increased;

2.   Adopt high quality bearing steel, has longer fatigue life;

3.   The inner and outer raceways are ground by grinding wheel which dressed by rotary diamond roller, have higher accuracy of form of groove and dimension.

Steering Bearings

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