Stainless steel multi-stage pump basic knowledge

The stainless steel multistage pump is a versatile product that delivers a wide range of media from tap water to industrial liquids, adapts to different temperatures, flow rates and pressure ranges, CDL for non-aggressive liquids and CDLF for mildly corrosive liquids .
Water Supply: Waterworks filtration and transportation, water district division water, supercharger, high-rise building pressurized.
Industrial Booster: Process Water System, Cleaning System, High Pressure Flushing System, Fire Fighting System.
Industrial liquid transfer: cooling and air conditioning systems, boiler feedwater and condensing systems, machine tools, acids and alkalis.

Brass turning  is to fix the blank, use a high-speed rotating cutter to cut the blank, cut out the required shape and features, CNC turning machine can process complex shapes and features. Brass turning is a turning cutter that is suitable for machining planes, grooves, various forming surfaces and special shapes of the mold. Brass is the most popular material requested by our customers. 

Brass CNC Turning

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