Concrete protectant precautions

Concrete is like a person breathing. If a thick layer of paint is applied to the surface of concrete, if a layer of plastic wrap is applied to the human body, although it also has a short-term protection, it is for concrete. The breathing is not very good. We all know that concrete has a water-repellent property, and the combination of cement and sand aggregates also makes the concrete itself very good in water absorption. However, the fair-faced concrete used in the building has a smooth surface, but its water repellency does not exist. So strong, if there is no protective measures, then after a long time, there will be problems.
Concrete protector


1. Before the construction, please ask the professional personnel to carry out on-site appraisal, formulate the preliminary construction plan according to the site conditions, and carry out on-site coloring according to the original large-area concrete color on the site, record the relevant data in detail, and ensure the mass production. At the same time, the color is consistent, and a sample is made in the actual construction site according to the preliminary construction plan, and confirmed to the owner.

2, must choose the hydrophobic, permeable inorganic environmental protection materials for construction. Resolutely not to use paints and coatings Color pastes, paints and paint pastes are composed of organic pigments and related additives, and do not have the ability to swill and penetrate. It can only adhere to the surface of concrete, can not be integrated with the original concrete, and its own weather resistance can not meet the requirements of fair-faced concrete.

3, natural drowning, infiltration of inorganic environmentally friendly materials because of the depth of their penetration to form a natural clear water concrete texture. Organic paints and paint pastes are incapable of penetrating the original concrete interior, and can only be artificially modified on the surface to resemble the pattern spots. This leaves a great engineering hazard to the project. It will gradually fade after the wind and sun.
Concrete protector


It has excellent penetrating ability, good breathable "breathing" function, excellent waterproof performance, environmental protection, does not change the color and appearance of the base layer, prevents the erosion of concrete by some media based on water, and improves the durability of concrete. Sex, prolong the service life of concrete, protect stone, brick, ancient buildings and other water-related damage, prevent mold, moss, reduce weathering, salt and alkali, and prevent pollution from being clean. It is also a high-tech product that can repair various flaws on the concrete surface and retain the natural color and texture of the concrete.

1. Product features: excellent waterproof performance, does not change the color and appearance of the base layer; improve the durability and extension of concrete

2, the service life of concrete, protection of stone, brick, ancient buildings and other water-related damage, to prevent mold, moss production, reduce weathering, salt and alkali, from pollution to keep clean.
Concrete protector

After the water enters the interior of the concrete, it will destroy the alkali environment inside the concrete. The alkali environment is a kind of protection for the steel bars in the concrete. If the steel bars are exposed to water, some oxides in the water will rust the steel bars. If it expands, it will cause cracks in the concrete, which will shorten the service life of the concrete. Unprotected fair-faced concrete surface does not have self-cleaning ability. It has no self-protection ability against dust and smog pollution. Together with rainwater, it is easy to grow algae such as moss on concrete surface. It is also fatal.

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