How to avoid buying a used garbage truck

Garbage Compression Vehicles can help people collect more garbage and bring greater benefits, making them an indispensable device in urban sanitation institutions. Due to the large demand for garbage compression trucks, there are some lawbreakers on the market that collect some old garbage compression vehicles for renovation and sell them as new garbage compression vehicles. Consumers do not know how to distinguish between new and used garbage compression vehicles. The new money is used to buy used garbage trucks , so be sure to avoid buying garbage trucks.


How to avoid buying a used garbage truck

1, Do not just look at the appearance of the vehicle, the inner need to see clearly. Such as the throttle brake pedal, steering wheel, dashboard, gear handles, mirrors, storage box switches, seats, etc., as long as there is definitely a dust and abrasion situation, so people should be able to carefully look at, especially to Can see its details, if necessary, can take a magnifying glass to view. For the compact garbage truck dashboard to focus on inspection.

2, see the tires. As long as the tire is running, there will be slight wear and tear, and through the tire can also know the mileage the vehicle has traveled. However, some lawbreakers replaced the tires. At this time, it is necessary to look at the logo on the tire and see if it is the original tire.

3, price. The price of retreaded garbage trucks will be much cheaper than the new garbage compactor. If you see that a garbage compact car is very cheap, don't feel like you're going to “get treasure” this time, and you need to be cautious and careful. Identify the next.

How to avoid buying second-hand garbage compactors? No matter how second-hand garbage compactors are refurbished, the true age of the vehicles will not lie, just as people’s ages are hidden. Therefore, when purchasing a second-hand garbage compression vehicle, it is possible to distinguish whether the garbage compression vehicle is used or brand-new through the several articles described in the article. There are regular, well-known manufacturers to buy garbage compression vehicles, you can greatly reduce the chance of buying second-hand garbage compression vehicles.

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