School bus engine maintenance and maintenance

The user must go to the service station to carry out maintenance and record the take-away situation when the new car is traveling within 1500-5000 km/three months.

Within one million kilometers after taking the insurance, perform a mandatory maintenance at the service station, requiring that the mandatory maintenance within 50,000 kilometers be no less than 3 times;

During the use of the engine, routine maintenance should also be performed according to the following requirements. The first item is performed by the user and the second and third items are performed by professional maintenance personnel.

The air filter is a key component to ensure that the diesel engine inhales clean air. It is necessary to constantly check the air system seal and maintain and replace the air filter to ensure that the diesel engine does not experience early wear.

The new diesel engine needs a running-in period of 2,500 kilometers to further improve the matching performance of each moving part and to ensure the reliability and service life of the diesel engine. Should pay attention to matters during the running-in period:

1. Before the car starts, the diesel engine must be warmed at a low speed for at least 5 minutes.

2. After the car starts, it is not possible to sharply increase the speed. It needs to be accelerated slowly.

3, the diesel engine idle speed does not exceed 5 minutes.

4. Change the rotation speed frequently to avoid the diesel engine running at a constant speed for too long.

5, to properly shift gears to prevent diesel engine slow drag.

6. Observe the oil and water temperature regularly to ensure the normal working condition of the diesel engine.

7, to avoid high speed and high load operation.

For the just-repaired diesel engine, a running-in period of 2,500 kilometers is also required to ensure the effectiveness of the friction pairs. After the 2500km run-in period is over, the oil should be replaced and the oil filter element replaced.

Proper, timely and careful maintenance can ensure long-term good engine operation, prevent malfunctions, reduce wear, and prolong life.

Check the fuel tank daily and add more if needed. Check the cooling water level of the cooling tank and add enough if it is insufficient. Check the oil level in the oil pan and add enough if it is insufficient. Check the three leak conditions (water, oil, gas). Check each instrument, observe whether the reading is normal, the instrument damage should be repaired or replaced in time; keep the diesel engine clean, especially the electrical equipment must not have oil pollution. Check the fastening of each accessory device; exclude the water from the diesel oil-water separator; check and clean the air filter for diesel engines used in harsh environments such as sandstorm areas, desert areas, and dusty construction sites.

1, start the engine

Close the main power switch of the vehicle (if the vehicle does not have this switch, omit this step), and turn off the fault diagnosis switch, and then start the engine according to the normal starting mode and precautions.

Do not step on the accelerator when starting.

Cold start: In colder environments, the starting operation is the same as normal, but the engine controller will issue some control commands according to the ambient temperature and the accessories on the vehicle to facilitate the smooth start. The engine will have some actions during the start. different. If there is warm-up during startup, the preheat indicator will light.

2, the operation of the engine and the vehicle

Start of the vehicle: Follow the normal operation to avoid high starting. It is recommended that the clutch be started only when the engine speed reaches about 1100r/min at the start.

Gear shift recommendation: In order to make the engine more dynamic and economical, it is recommended that the engine's shift speed should be above 1300 rpm.

Cautions for wading: When the vehicle crosses the accumulating surface, the vehicle shall comply with the following provisions to avoid damage and failure of the electronic control system due to water ingress. In principle, the height of the controller's control unit from the water should exceed 200mm, and when the water is close to this height, the vehicle should pass at a speed of less than 10km/h. When the water is shallow, the vehicle should pass slowly. Once the oscillating engine is shut down, the ignition switch should be cut off immediately, and the power supply cannot be turned on before confirming that the controller control unit and the harness are dry.

Exhaust Brake: According to normal operation, if the vehicle's exhaust brake device is controlled by the engine's controller, exhaust brake must be performed in order to perform the following conditions.

- The demand for oil is zero (meaning that the accelerator pedal cannot be stepped on)

- The engine speed is higher than a certain speed (this speed is usually lower)

Feet home: In some unusual circumstances, such as the accelerator pedal sensor failure, or crankshaft sensor failure, or the battery voltage is too high, the engine fault indicator will display relevant information, the controller allows the engine to be relatively low Speed ​​and small load operation, the vehicle can be slowly opened to the nearby maintenance station, which is the function of lame home, this is Yuchai's electronically controlled engine to ensure driving safety, and user-friendly features to facilitate user maintenance . In the case of lameness home, the driver can do is patiently drive the car to a nearby maintenance station, stepping on the accelerator pedal is not useful to accelerate.

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