How to choose high quality aerial vehicles

High-altitude aerial vehicles are the most important equipment for high-altitude operations. A good aerial working platform can be used for a long period of time, and safety protection can be improved in the course of working personnel to avoid any accidents. However, some people are purchasing high-altitude vehicles for the first time and do not know how to buy high-altitude vehicles. Here's a small series for everyone to introduce some of the high-altitude aerial vehicles to buy methods, you can take a look.

How to choose high quality aerial vehicles

1. The crane is very important. The most important part of aerial vehicles is the crane. The lifting capacity and load-bearing capacity of aerial vehicles are determined by the crane. Most of the aerial vehicles will be cranes of famous brands, such as Shao Qi, Xu Gong, and the category of heavy cranes. Fei Tao, Shimeiji, Yutong Heavy Industry, etc. When they want to know what crane brand is good, consumers can ask the public's reputation or evaluation. As for the tonnage of the crane, it needs to be determined according to the specific needs.

2. The chassis needs to be reliable. The reliability of the chassis determines the working efficiency and longevity of the aerial vehicles. It also determines the value of the aerial vehicles that can be used for economic benefits. The chassis also uses the brand as the main direction of selection. The chassis produced by well-known brands such as Dongfeng, Foton, and Liberation are very good, and the after-sales service is also very good. Of course, the chassis needs to be matched with the tonnage of the crane in order to be able to exert the best strength of the aerial vehicle.

2, the container. The most important thing is the size of the container, the actual size of the cargo container depends on the crane and chassis conditions.

How to buy high - quality aerial vehicles ? In summary, we all know that high-quality aerial vehicles are mainly judged from three important components: cranes, car chassis, and cargo containers. From the introduction of the article we also know that cranes and chassis are more It's important, so when you buy a high-altitude truck, you can also see them clearly, and then choose carefully and eventually choose a good aerial truck for yourself.

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