Cloud computing is the development trend of the entire security monitoring industry

With the rapid development of computer technology, the term cloud computing is no stranger to everyone. In the security monitoring industry, the concept of 'cloud' is not fashionable, but the development trend of the entire security monitoring industry, and the needs of users of security monitoring systems have fully penetrated into this field.

'Cloud computing' integrates all computing resources and is managed automatically by software without human intervention. The enterprise only needs to customize the corresponding service, and the cloud service provider or the cloud provides the necessary infrastructure, services, hardware and software resources, and so on. Compared with the traditional application platform, the cloud computing platform has the advantages of strong computing power, storage capacity, diverse services, and high cost performance.

The multi-system collaborative work under the bus architecture in the 'cloud technology', the deep integration of related information between various subsystems, and the service-oriented architecture all contribute to the development of the security monitoring industry.

'Intelligent' is also born from the actual needs of users. The scale of security monitoring systems is getting larger and larger and more and more subsystems are integrated. If there is no 'intelligent' technology, the availability of security monitoring systems will increase. The worse, in fact, this is part of the reason why the industry put forward a combination of air defense, physical defense, and technical defense. In the cloud technology, there are many technical essences that can promote the development of intelligent security monitoring. For example, front-end comprehensive awareness, on-demand deployment, and central information sharing and linkage are all advanced technologies that promote the design and construction of intelligent security monitoring systems. technology.

The direction of digitization and networked development of security monitoring has become more and more clear and clear. The direct impact of this change on users is to increase the sense of distance between the user end and the monitoring front end. Between the monitoring front-end and the monitoring center, between the monitoring user and the monitoring center, various network modes, including wired and wireless, may be selected according to actual conditions. With the continuous improvement of various network infrastructures, the application of security monitoring is also implemented. more and more. In fact, at present, some advanced security monitoring systems have been able to bring 5W services to users, that is, users can see any information with authority at any time, any place, any terminal, and any network.

The security monitoring system must first be digital and networked in order to 'walk through the clouds'. Therefore, for analog security monitoring systems, digital and networked upgrades are required first. In addition, for the user client, a basic idea of ​​the cloud is the 'thin client', which means that more computing and service work is deployed in the background, and the software and hardware requirements for the client are more and more simple and convenient, so it is necessary to The redefinition and division of work in the original security monitoring system for architectural functions. At present, both from the customer's needs and technical support are satisfied. In the direction of improvement, it is necessary to gradually clarify the relationship between user needs, the original system, and the improvement and upgrading of the components, and grasp the criteria for gradual implementation.

Release date:2012/2/16 11:17:40

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