Foton Cummins welcomes the 100,000th ISF engine off the assembly line

On May 23, 2012, Beijing Futian Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.'s 100,000th engine officially went offline in Beijing, marking the company's move into a new development ladder after only three years of production. The company's general manager Guan Zhanghua, party secretary Huang Heling, deputy party secretary and deputy general manager Dai Songgao, and representatives from various departments and employees totaled more than 200 people to witness this important historical moment.

Since the official start-up of Foton Cummins in 2009, the ISF 2.8-litre and 3.8-litre all-electrically controlled light diesel engines have opened up rapidly with excellent quality and excellent performance. They have become a rising star of light power both at home and abroad. Doubled growth, production and sales in 2011 exceeded 50,000 units, sales in 2012 is expected to exceed 90,000 units. In addition to rising sales, the ISF engine has been recognized by numerous OEMs and users worldwide for its superior quality, creating a very high brand reputation. In addition to the extensive support for Chinese OEMs, the ISF engine has emerged in the international market and has become the first choice of light power for international automakers including Russian GAZ, Brazilian Volkswagen MAN and South Korea’s Daewoo passenger coaches. Among them, Russia's GAZ equipped with ISF engine sales has accumulated more than 40,000 units. At the same time, commercial vehicles equipped with ISF engines in China are promising in the international market, with exports to Southeast Asia, Australia, Central and South America, the Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions.

In order to better meet the demand of domestic and foreign customers for the performance of engine products, Foton Cummins is constantly researching and launching new products and new projects to win new customers and new market opportunities. According to the current overall plan of Foton Cummins, in the next three to four years, the first one million engines will usher in the offline.

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