Around the world, the “Emperor's Brother” deeds are commonplace and ordinary citizens continue to write extraordinary legends.

Around the "trusted brother" deeds frequently ordinary citizens continue to write legendary diesel generators | diesel generators price / 2012-08-28

Following Guangzhou, Zhaoqing, Guangdong and Ningbo, Zhejiang, the Fangchenggang City of Guangxi also witnessed the moving scene of “Borrowing Brothers” to save people: at 16:30 on August 21st, Fangchenggang Port Area, a building with 6 buildings on the 2nd floor, a 3 The boy's head was stuck on the security net on the second floor window sill and his body hung in the air. At a critical moment, a neighbor’s man climbed to a ladder about two meters high, and lifted the child with his hands for about 20 minutes. He then rescued the child with the firefighters who arrived.
According to understanding afterwards, this name is called "Teaching Brother" named Xie Zhen Bang.
According to Xie Zhen’s introduction, at 16 o’clock on the same day, he was resting on the 4th floor and was suddenly awakened by the cries of a child. He went to the window to look down and found that the anti-theft network outside the window on the 2nd floor was actually hanging. With a little boy, his head stuck between the iron bars of the security net and his body hung under the railing. The little boy kept crying and struggling, but he couldn't break out, but he got tighter.
Watching the boy become more and more critical, Xie Zhen Bang first rushed to knock on the second floor, but no one answered. Xie Zhen Bang quickly went down to the first floor, moved to the neighborhood ladder, and then stood up against the wall on the ladder to lift the child up. At this time, the residents of the community rushed to the incident room and found that the door had been locked. They called the locksmith to open the door and promptly dialed 119 for assistance.
Afterwards, the fire officers who arrived at the scene boarded the ladder and held the trapped boy with the help of Xie Zhen. Then he cut the security net and finally rescued the boy. It was thanks to Xie Zhen’s 20-minute “to lift” that the little boy was only slightly scratched, and Xie Zhen’s help was also referred to by the netizens as “Teacher”.
Since June of this year, the deeds of “Branding Brother” have emerged everywhere: On June 3, in Guangzhou, welders Zhou Chong climbed onto the third floor of the security net to hold a stuck girl; June 11 In Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, a vegetable vendor climbed from the top of the 7th floor to the 5th floor to save the vacant girl who was stuck in the gap between the security network on the 6th floor; on June 18, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. An air-conditioning repairman Luo Rong took care of the little boy who was stuck by the anti-theft window for more than 10 minutes...
In view of the continuous emergence of the "trusted elder brother" deeds, Zhou Wendong, deputy director of the Department of Sociology at the Guangxi University School of Public Administration, believes that first of all this shows that in our society there are still many enthusiastic people and brave men, so-called "social moral standards" "Not right." Because of the public opinion supervision function of the media, the negative news exposure is even higher. Many positive things do not take the initiative to get under the spotlight, but ordinary people like 'Jiu Zhuo' have been telling you by practical actions. We must be cautious in using words such as 'landslides' when commenting on the level of social morality."
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