Stainless steel self-priming pump common troubleshooting

Stainless steel self-priming pump motor part 【Symptoms】
1, no response after turning on the power.
2, difficult to start or can not start, and accompanied by "buzzing" sound.
3, the motor can run, but the speed is slow, and the chassis overheating, burnt smell.
4, running noise, vibration.
【Method of exclusion】
1, most of the power plug, power leads and motor windings due to short circuit.
2, overhaul small bamboo can be used to quickly move the direction according to the operating fan, if the motor is running quickly, indicating that the starting capacitor or winding damage, should replace the same capacity capacitor or repair winding; if the motor card, mostly motor and Pump head mechanical failure, such as bearing damage, impeller stuck.
3, most of the motor winding is short-circuited, should be disassembled motor, depending on the damage were welding, jumper, isolation, rewinding and other measures to repair.
4, the majority of bearing damage or improper bearing with the chassis, the need to open the motor check, if the bearing damage should be replaced; if the bearing run outside the circle, the shell can be used with the pump face 錾 spent processing; , Wear parts of the motor shaft can be used Kui Hua treatment, serious wear and tear, the use of the first method of surfacing surfacing repair.

Stainless steel self-priming pump head part 【Symptoms】
1, the normal operation of the motor but the water is less or no water.
2, the shell charged.
【Method of exclusion】
1, this situation should first check the pump seal, the test should first unplug the power plug, plug the suction port manually, the pump filled with water, stuck in the mouth forced to blow in the outlet, observe the pump head leaks Leakage is where the seal damage. Common parts of the faulty suction pad, outlet mat, impeller pad, maintenance should be replaced. If there is no full water phenomenon, mostly impeller damage, between the water chamber and the water chamber between the water within the septum wear, pump head water separated by grinding flat, impeller and the pump housing to increase the gap, etc., should replace the impeller and pump housing . Replace impeller should pay attention to completely remove the residual copper pump blades, so as not to damage the new impeller again.
2, the majority of water seal damage, water penetration into the motor shaft through the motor so that the deterioration of motor insulation performance can be replaced by water seal, drying motor and other methods of repair. It should be noted that, because the pump long-term contact with water and open-air work, easily damp caused insulation performance deterioration, in order to ensure personal safety, electric stainless steel self-priming pump should be grounded.

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