The Internet Age Rumors of Injury Farmers

The Internet Age Rumors of Injury Farmers Frequent Farmers Working Hard for Half a Year Empty Diesel Generators | Diesel Generators Price / 2012-08-23

Recently, some “breaking news” related to food safety has been highly sought after on the Internet. Early rice, for example, is harmful to health and cannot be eaten; for example, grapes in some places cause cancer, and tomatoes contain nicotine, which is equivalent to smoking. These rumors that do not fly, or even lack basic common sense, not only make ordinary consumers uneasy, but also cause unsalable agricultural products in some areas, which greatly damages the interests of farmers.
The rumors of the early rice on the Internet in these two days surprised many people. A netizen said that in many areas in Jiangxi, farmers used plant fertilizers and pesticides to sprout plants to make time for planting late rice. Eat early rice. This kind of statement seems to sound very reasonable, but it can only be found after the reporter's in-depth verification, is not the case.
Zhang Xiangxi, an expert from the Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences: Applying chemical fertilizers and applying pesticides cannot solve this problem. Fertilizer promotes the growth of rice. Pesticides protect the growth of rice. It does not advance the growth and development of rice. Seasonal temperature of early rice growth is relatively high, so the quality and taste are all inferior. The growth climate of late rice is relatively good, and nutrition and taste are better than early rice in all aspects. This is a natural law.
For rumors, a Jiangxi netizen said: “Why didn't Jiangxi people eat rice? There is a local saying: people with bad stomach eat early rice.” There are netizens’ message: “Hunan’s hometown also engages in double-season rice. Early rice did not taste it. It is so good, but I haven't heard of the fear of delaying the late rice.
It is not only the early rice that has been hurt by rumors. Recently, there was a rumor on the Internet about the carcinogenicity of Yichun grapes. It also hurt the local farmers.
Villagers: Selling less than half of last year, this year is a low price, 3 dollars a pound, last year's low price is 4 blocks.
Villagers: It is this rumors that drinking wine from us will have cancer, saying that we have dozens of people who have cancer.
Rumors that the grapes here were poisoned, cancerous, and even nose-spotting point out that there are dozens of villagers suffering from cancer in a village because they eat more grapes here. The locals told the reporter that this is totally a rumor that no one in the village has suffered from cancer in recent years. At the same time, the relevant experts also went to the scene to sample the soil and water quality of the grapes, including the grapes themselves, and sent them to an authoritative department for testing. The results were all qualified.
Agricultural experts: According to the 2012 No. 8 Document of Agricultural Machinery implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture on May 1, 2012, it detected a total of 13 parameters for this grape, and all of them passed.
Rumors have been clarified, but the loss has been irretrievable. Many farmers' grapes cannot be sold, and only large strings of grapes can be brought to feed the pigs.
In addition to early rice and grapes, there are also rumors on the Weibo that tomatoes contain nicotine, and raw tomatoes are equal to passive smoke extraction. Some experts said that these "rumors" of farmers who are hurting farmers are almost always directed at some of the daily fresh agricultural products. They are seasonally strong and can cause greater damage to farmers in the short term.
In the Internet era, there have been repeated incidents of rumors of hurting farmers. It is no wonder that some people jokingly called it "hard work for half a year and died one night before the rumor." Such irresponsible rumors emerged. It was not plausible for many people to disseminate them until it was proved to be false. However, for farmers who have worked hard in the field for six months, they point to the income of the season. Destroyed the hope of the family.
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