The Shanghai Science and Technology Commission has promoted the public welfare of Yanbo: The drug control center also talks about drug knowledge.

Shanghai Science and Technology Commission promotes public awareness of Yanbo: Drug Prevention Center also talks about drug knowledge diesel generator | Diesel Generator Price / 2012-08-23

Shanghai Science and Technology Commission has promoted the public welfare of Yanbo.
The China Tobacco Museum has been awarded the title of “Shanghai Science Popular Education Base”, “Advanced Unit of the Shanghai Patriotic Education Base,” and “Advanced Unit of Thought Moral Construction of Minors in Shanghai”, which has caused public questioning in recent days. Yesterday, Yanbo responded that the relevant questions from the tobacco control people were not trustworthy.
China Tobacco Museum
Not to be trusted in the library
Yesterday, the reporter dialed the official telephone of the China Tobacco Museum. A staff member said that the smoke control person questioned “nonsense” and said that he had not been to the museum and said it was not credible and said “There is nothing to explain and speak with facts. , respect for history, then refused to interview.
As early as the stadium design period in 2003, China National Tobacco Corporation (ie the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau) stated that it was “a landmark project reflecting the two civilized constructions of the tobacco industry” and will establish a good social image and expand the social impact of the tobacco industry. Have a positive effect.
The official website of the China Tobacco Museum introduced its official opening on August 10, 2004. It is a professional museum approved by the state and jointly funded and donated by the national tobacco industry. The total building area is 9,617 square meters. The tobacco development process and tobacco agriculture are established. There are seven exhibition halls including Tobacco Industry, Tobacco Trade, Tobacco Management, Smoking and Tobacco Control, and Tobacco Culture.
Shanghai Federation of Popular Science Education Bases
Or ask for more smoking promotion
It is understood that the Shanghai Popular Science Education Base is organized by the Municipal Science Public Work Joint Conference Office to review, identify, award, and publish, and accepts the guidance of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission.
Zhang Jianwei, secretary-general of the Shanghai Federation of Popular Science Education Bases, briefed the reporter yesterday that Yanbo had applied for the Shanghai Popular Science Education Base for two consecutive years and had no success, because it did not contain any anti-smoking content. “No one square meter is available.” After joining in reforms in 2007, the harmful knowledge of smoking in the museum was built from scratch. In 2008, it was approved as a municipal science popularization base.
Zhang Jianwei introduced that the National Tobacco Museum is a "corporate hall." The government does not invest in construction, and it is all run by the National Tobacco Monopoly Administration. Therefore, it may "pay more attention to their corporate culture," and is free to open to the outside world. "It may also be possible to make some smoke." advertisment". He said that in the future, according to the needs of the public, he will put forward rectifications during year-end assessments and annual inspections, such as increasing publicity on the harmful aspects of smoking.
Shanghai Science and Technology Commission
Anti-drug museum must also have drug knowledge
Wu Guozheng, deputy researcher of the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission’s office, responded yesterday and said that the government authorities are not responsible for some specific content, but rather for public welfare evaluation.
According to a survey by Prof. Zheng Zhengfeng of the School of Public Health of Fudan University, after visiting the Tobacco Museum, the percentage of smokers who thought that smoking is very harmful has dropped from 83.1% to 49.2%, which has doubled the recognition of reducing coke and harm, and has become more positive towards the tobacco industry. to. Wu Guojun said that these data have not been verified.
"Like Shanghai, we have an anti-drug museum. Can we say that we don't need to know about the drugs?” said Wu Guoxuan. Shanghai also has public security, firefighting and other types of museums. “We can’t go to all the exhibits to verify. She said that the tobacco industry has certain educational significance in terms of the harmful effects of smoking, and it also plays a role of public welfare.
Later, Wu Guoxi asked back: "Is it right that the entire hall only talks about controlling tobacco, not mentioning the rest?"
member of China Engineering Academy
It is ethical to promote tobacco harm
Qin Boyi, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and former director of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, said that although he has not been to this museum, he believes that “only the harm of spreading tobacco is ethical, and other propaganda is contrary to social ethics”.
"I think it's important to publicize the harms of tobacco, and to publicize other aspects of tobacco, such as production, history, history, which celebrities are also smoking, how they smoke, and how many varieties of tobacco, these should not be used as science, but should be used as bad. Customary publicity,” Qin Boyi believes, including tobacco cultivation, how to improve the process to reduce costs, etc., are for profit, reduce costs, the purpose is to make people smoke. As a science popularization base, he believes that the science of tobacco is harmful.
As for "delisting," he believes that after the selection process, it is relatively difficult to remove the propaganda. However, the content of the propaganda within the museum can be changed, and whether the "tobacco museum" is appropriate is also debatable.
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