Zhen Mingli 1USDLED bulbs lead LED into the new era of lighting

At present, due to cost constraints, the price of LED lighting products is generally higher than that of traditional lighting products, which is difficult for ordinary households to accept. In order to solve the problem that the high price of LED lighting application market contradicts consumer demand, Zhen Mingli Group is vertically integrated as LED. The company, the original LMDM lighting integration service plan, focuses on solving the four key issues of light, heat, electricity and machine in all aspects of the raw materials and development stages of the products, providing customers with high stability and cost-effective LED products.
Combining its own advantages, Zhenmingli Group promotes LED lighting and provides customers with 1USD-3WLED bulbs to replace 25W incandescent lamps on the market.
True Mingli 3W LED bulbs are compared to traditional lamps.
Zhen Mingli launched 1USDLED bulb to lead LED into the new era of lighting. In the case of brightness, the life of a true Ming 3W LED bulb is equivalent to about 20 incandescent lamps and 8 energy-saving lamps.
Zhen Mingli launched 1USDLED bulb lamp to lead LED into the new era of lighting. Why can Mingliang make such a cheap LED bulb? This may be a concern for everyone.
(1) Zhen Mingli is the only LED vertical integration enterprise in China. From LED chip manufacturing to LED lighting, Zhen Mingli Group is all completed in the factory. The raw materials are transferred in parallel in the factory, which reduces the cost of raw materials.
Zhen Mingli launched a 1USD LED bulb to lead the LED into the new era of lighting to illustrate with the Ming Ming 3W LED bulb.
Zhen Mingli launched 1USDLED bulbs to lead LEDs into the 1-12 materials of bulbs in the new era of lighting. The Mingliang Group's approximately 80 materials are self-produced. If the cost of raw materials at all levels is increased by 20, the total materials will be increased. The cost will increase to about twice the current cost.
(2) Zhenmingli Group adopts large-scale production to reduce costs. Zhenmingli Group currently has thousands of distributors and dozens of subsidiaries around the world. Zhenmingli Group adopts fully automatic production equipment to meet the needs of various distributors and subsidiaries. Improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.
In addition, large-scale production drives the company to implement large-scale procurement of raw materials, and can obtain the lowest price from suppliers.
Summary: As a vertical integration enterprise of LEDs, Zhenmingli Group promotes the rapid development of LED lighting as soon as possible, continuously develops and enterprising, reduces product costs through various means, and continuously introduces cost-effective products to make due contributions to the better and faster development of LED lighting. .

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