E-Commerce War Revelation Channel Unblocked to Promote Corporate Health Operations

Recently, there have been three major incidents in the financial community that have buzzed with quarrels. Both are related to channels and have a good reference for the automotive market.

First, Jingdong and Suning, Gome's "Three Kingdoms Kill" game, 3C channel business people's decisive battle, exciting; Second, Saifu Asia's iron fist refused to return Wuxi Yangtze River lighting, Wu Changjiang channel to make princes, very exciting; It is the huge channel that Wanguoji of Guangda Drug Co., Ltd. and Jiaduobao smashed Zhengzheng, and Jiaduobao laid one son under a decade ago, allowing Dongshan to renew its capital.

Yes, these three things don't seem to be related, but they all have a great relationship with the channel. The struggle of channels has also had a profound impact on automotive companies.

Remember that since last year, Chery, Changan Ford and other distributors have been back online? This is certainly not news. Recently, a Changan Mazda dealer in Taiyuan also plans to withdraw. Since there was only one Changan Mazda dealer in Taiyuan before, after the second dealer opened up in 2011, the dealer couldn't stand it and had a long-term loss, so he planned to withdraw. One Taiyuan is too big to open two stores.

This is not the case of the recent car market. In fact, in the past year or two, it has been reported that dealers cannot support financial pressure and choose to withdraw from the net.

For the "increasing profits," the auto market, Luo Lei, deputy secretary-general of the China Automobile Dealing Association, frankly stated that the most rational way is for manufacturers to slow down the pace of expansion and ensure the profits of existing dealers. In response to the current adoption of lower dealer thresholds, 4S to 2S shops will reduce the way dealers invest money. He frankly said that in the long run, it is unfavorable for the distributors and the overall operation of the auto market, which is tantamount to "killing chickens and getting eggs."

The elaborately nurtured channels of Jiaduobao for more than a decade have provided him with a great deal of enthusiasm for mastering the right to speak in his battle with Wang Daoji.

Although Wu Changjiang, the founder of NVC Lighting, relied on the support of dealers to regain the company's dominance, and was severely disagreed with the three major shareholders and was forced to yield the position of chairman, it was still under the full support of suppliers and distributors. Return to NVC Lighting. But nowadays, with iron wrists, Wu can temporarily borrow the loyalty of the channel and repeatedly initiate the competition for corporate control. However, with the meticulous planning and perseverance of investors, the channel will sooner or later be fragmented.

For the automotive market, the auto market is in the doldrums, car companies need to develop, and they continue to hold down on goods, putting inventory pressure on dealers and overwhelming channels. Now Dongfeng Nissan and Guangzhou Automobile Honda have generously subsidized dealers, which is to keep channels.

Only if the channels are healthy can a company be healthy. For example, only the blood vessels of the human body are smooth, and the entire human body can be healthy!

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