Canton Fair chemical and mineral area transactions active chemical export trade is expected to maintain double-digit growth

The 97th China Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair) was held in Guangzhou as scheduled. It was at the chemical and mineral exhibition zone of Pazhou International Exhibition Center as the first exhibition on April 20th. The reporter learned from the organizing committee that the total turnover of the Chemicals and Minerals exhibition area in the past five days was US$82.259 million, which was an increase of 21.3% over the previous session, indicating that overseas markets will continue to be optimistic about China's chemical market in 2005.

Experts from the Minmetals Chemicals Chamber of Commerce conducted an analysis of the five-day market transactions: The turnover of more than 20 kinds of petrochemical products such as traditional sulfuric acid, dyes, phosphate rock, rubber shoes, pesticides, caustic soda, and tires in the world rank steadily increased. The expert optimistically pointed out that since the international oil price in 2005 may still have a certain increase on the basis of 2004, it is beneficial to the development of the petrochemical industry. At present, the international chemical industry is still in an ascending cycle and demand is steadily increasing. The export volume of chemical products is expected to continue to maintain double-digit growth.

According to statistics, the turnover of chemical products in the turnover of chemicals and minerals is US$152.0058 million, of which paraffin, yellow phosphorus and phosphoric acid have three-digit growth compared to the previous turnover; sodium tripolyphosphate and pesticide intermediates The turnover of the dye intermediates and pharmaceutical intermediates had double-digit growth over the previous session. Only Yuan Mingfen's turnover decreased by 61%.

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