Dongfeng Autonomously Develops Automotive Electronics Technology Freescale Carries Forward

The joint automotive electronics lab planned by the US semiconductor manufacturer Freescale and Dongfeng Motor will be officially listed in Wuhan by the end of February. Products and technologies currently included in the R&D plan include body controllers, tire pressure monitoring systems, and engine controllers.

Based on information provided by Freescale and Dongfeng, the two companies will collaborate in key applications including body electronics, powertrain technology and hybrid vehicle (HEV) technology. The focus of cooperation will be on chassis and safety technology, and In-car infotainment and navigation devices.

In terms of specific products, according to the information provided by Dongfeng Motor, the products that have been included in the R&D plan include body controllers, keyless entry systems, tire pressure monitoring systems, engine controllers, AMT controllers, and comprehensive information display instruments. .

The above products are currently not the latest technology, and mature products are already on the market. However, Dongfeng Motor stated that it will “own intellectual property through independent development so as not to be subject to human beings”. Dongfeng Motor also said that Freescale will provide technical support for related projects.

According to Freescale’s news materials, these technologies will be used in a new generation of Dongfeng vehicles for the Chinese and overseas markets.

Dongfeng Motor also said that the technology and products developed by the United Laboratories will be used in the commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles of Dongfeng Motor.

At present, Dongfeng Motor mainly produces commercial vehicles, but the company has already planned to produce a series of passenger cars. The first self-owned brand sedan products will be available in the coming months.

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