Several policies support the reorganization of the steel industry

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the "Planning and Revitalization Plan for the Iron and Steel Industry" that the state will issue a number of policies to encourage Baosteel, Anyang, and Wuhan Iron and Steel and other three central enterprises to play a vanguard role in the domestic restructuring, and strive to unite the steel industry within three years. The restructuring has made significant progress and has formed a number of large-scale enterprise groups with strong independent innovation capabilities and international competitiveness. The top five domestic steel group production capacities have reached over 45%.

"Plan" proposed that in 2009 to curb the decline in the iron and steel industry, to maintain overall stability. Among them, crude steel production was 460 million tons; consumption was maintained at around 430 million tons, and direct exports remained at about 8% of the total. By 2011, domestic crude steel production will be around 500 million tons, and apparent consumption will be about 450 million tons. The proportion of industrial added value to GDP will remain at 4%. The iron and steel industry has entered a sound development, the mode of extensive development has been significantly changed, the level of technology and innovation have reached a new level, the overall competitiveness has been significantly improved, and the pillar industry status has been consolidated and strengthened.

To achieve this goal, the "plan" proposed to speed up the joint restructuring of the steel industry.

The "planning" clarifies that the Group will further promote the leading role of Baosteel Group, Anbu Group, and Wuhan Iron and Steel Group and realize the unified management of production, supply and sales, and human and property management of the Anben Group, Guangdong Steel Group, Guangxi Steel Group, Hebei Iron and Steel Group and Shandong Iron and Steel Group. Restructuring; promote regional development of the company and Pangang, Dongbei Special Steel, Baosteel and Baotou Steel, Ningbo Iron and Steel and other trans-regional and Tianjin Steel and Tiantie, Tiangang, Tianjin Metallurgical Company, Taigang and the province's steel companies Joint reorganization. It is expected that by 2011, the country will form over 50 million tons of ultra-large iron and steel groups with international competitiveness, such as Baosteel Group, Anbu Group and Wuhan Iron and Steel Group, and a number of large-scale steel groups of 10 million to 30 million tons.

At the same time, the "Planning" pointed out that it is necessary to formulate policies and measures for the joint reorganization of enterprises, and capital injection, financing credits, asset transfer, etc., can be adopted for reorganization enterprises to promote joint reorganization; and for large companies, across provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) Supported by the reorganized project; implementation of the taxation policy to support the joint reorganization of steel companies. Study and put forward regulations for joint restructuring of steel companies. It is understood that the work will be led by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the Ministry of Land and Resources, the Ministry of Finance, the Securities Regulatory Commission, and the China Banking Regulatory Commission will be completed during the year.

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