Dump truck product market leads the engine of commercial vehicle growth

In recent years, the country’s macroeconomic control policies have been playing an important role. For example, measures such as monetary policy adjustments and the increase in the scale of infrastructure construction have promoted the healthy and rapid development of various sectors of the national economy, and have also led to a variety of engineering operations. High demand (including quantity and variety) of transport vehicles (especially dump trucks). Therefore, the dump truck has always been a major highlight in the development of commercial vehicles in China. Both OEMs and dedicated car manufacturers have devoted considerable energy to researching and operating this market.

Dump trucks occupy a larger proportion in the production and sales of special vehicles

The output of China's special-purpose vehicles (including special dump trucks, special dump trucks, etc.) fluctuates from 1999 to 2006. In 1999, the output of special-purpose vehicles was 171,155, accounting for 21.92% of the total output of trucks, of which: 9.7367 million special dump trucks, accounting for 55.91% of the output of special vehicles; in 2004, the output of special vehicles was about 605,500, accounting for approximately The vehicle output was 39.74%, of which: the output of dump trucks was 248.365 million, accounting for 41.02% of the output of special vehicles.

In 2005, due to factors such as the state's macro-control policies, increased efforts to control "overload and overrun", and adjustments to relevant laws and regulations, the output of special purpose vehicles, including special dump trucks, has been somewhat inhibited and has declined significantly. In 2006, the relevant national policies tended to ease, the demand for special vehicles was released, and the total output of dump trucks increased substantially compared to 2005, with an annual growth rate of 73.8%. In 2007, the total production volume of dump trucks reached 892,565 units with an annual growth rate of 41.3%.

The composition of domestic special-purpose vehicles and dump trucks and special special-purpose dump trucks is shown in Table 1 from 1997 to 2007. In 2007, the output of domestic special-purpose vehicles and the output of dump trucks are shown in Table 2.

Increase in the number of dump trucks

In recent years, the structure of China's special-purpose auto products has undergone major changes from the past. The proportion of heavy and light-duty vehicles is increasing. The proportion of medium-sized vehicles continues to decline, the product structure tends to be reasonable, and the number of varieties has increased. Engineering vehicles and transport vehicles (including dump trucks, etc.) have developed rapidly (mainly referring to varieties and production and sales). In particular, special dump trucks are characterized by multiple varieties and small batch sizes. This is not only the characteristics of the special automobile industry, but also the market characteristics of special vehicles. This feature is the same throughout the world. In terms of varieties, developed countries such as Germany, there are more than 7000 kinds of special-purpose vehicles. From the point of volume, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom are currently based entirely on the needs of the market and users. If a user wants a car, the company will produce one. Therefore, this feature is determined by the market, and the extensiveness and specificity of special-purpose vehicle services have formed a variety of market characteristics. In general, the production volume of ordinary dump trucks is relatively large, and the volume of special special dump trucks is relatively small. The number of special-use vehicles in China was 1,337 in 1999 and 4,910 in 2005, including 583 dump trucks, accounting for 11.9% of the total number of special-purpose vehicles. Enterprises can timely adjust the product structure according to different market hotspots at different times to conduct serialized product development to meet market needs. The statistics of the number of special vehicles and dump trucks in 2005 are shown in Table 3.

Synchronous growth of dedicated dump trucks

As can be seen from Table 1 and Table 2, special special dump trucks have also shown a healthy development trend. In 1997, special special dump trucks only produced more than 2,000 vehicles, and by 2007 they had reached 9,024. Its pace of development still fails to keep pace with the needs of the development of the situation. National infrastructure construction, continuous launch of various large-scale engineering projects, and urban construction and new rural construction provide a vast market space for dump trucks. At the same time, special special dump trucks are needed, such as sealed dump trucks.

Sealed self-loading and unloading garbage truck, which is a kind of urban sanitation special vehicle that is used together with the garbage compression station to efficiently collect and transport garbage. It can avoid secondary pollution caused by spilling along the way during garbage collection and transportation. It is an ideal equipment for urban sanitation work and is one of the key development directions for national special vehicle planning. With the acceleration of the speed of the urban integration in China, the expansion of the city scale, the increase in the number of people, and the increase of urban living garbage, the city’s demand for garbage trucks will increase. According to statistics compiled by China's Sanitation Information Network, the annual output of urban garbage in China has reached 140 million tons, and has grown at an annual rate of 8%. At the same time, the collection and transportation capacity of urban waste in China is obviously insufficient, and the amount of sanitation vehicles is far from the standard of 2.5 vehicles per 10,000 people required by the Ministry of Construction “City Environmental Sanitation Facilities Standards” CJJ27-2005. At present, the population of urban residents is 375 million. According to the requirements of the allocation standards, the gap in the population is 40%. As a result, the urban demand for garbage trucks is more than 13,000 vehicles per year. With the enhancement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, the improvement of urban tastes will inevitably lead to higher and higher requirements for the environmental protection and grade of the garbage trucks themselves. Therefore, high-grade, environmentally-friendly dump trucks will be favored by people.

Developing special special dump trucks is the future direction

Compared with other trucks or special vehicles, the development of dump trucks is more sensitive to policies. Each time the state's macro-control policies are introduced, almost all of them will affect the development of dump trucks (most of them act as inhibitors). The executive meeting of the State Council held on November 5, 2008 proposed the implementation of a proactive fiscal policy and a moderately loose monetary policy, which provided the dump truck with better policies and market development space. According to the current market conditions, the future development of dump trucks will face new changes, including how to build vehicles in accordance with the standard regulations, how to meet the requirements of national industrial policies, how production companies will grow in competition, and how to better create greater value for users. It is a dump truck manufacturer that needs to be carefully studied.

Product structure should constantly change with the situation

For engineering earthworks, landfills, and mines, etc., the dump trucks are of the finest type, variety, and versatility. Strengthen transportation and urban infrastructure construction, large-scale construction projects continue to be launched, creating opportunities for the development of large dump trucks; new rural construction, bulk cargo transportation, etc. provide space for the mid-light dump truck market; special dump trucks such as mining dump trucks Also play an irreplaceable role in their respective fields. The continuous favorable domestic venture capital investment environment has also objectively promoted the development of the dump truck industry.

In recent years, trucks and special-purpose vehicle companies have participated in international market competition, such as dump trucks, semi-trailers and other products entering Europe, the United States, Japan, and exports to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other markets. Domestic special-purpose car companies have used international exchanges and cooperation to introduce advanced technologies and experience and have improved product levels. For example, the engineering dump truck lift cylinders, the domestic traditional belly (middle) set-up is facing more and more challenges of the pre-style widely used in Europe.

In the future development, ordinary dump truck demand may gradually decrease as the infrastructure continues to improve, but the demand for dump trucks with special functions will continue to increase. The state has accelerated the construction of major infrastructure such as railways, highways, and airports, focusing on the construction of a number of passenger-dedicated passenger lines, coal transportation corridor projects, and western trunk railways, improving the expressway network, arranging the construction of central and western mainline airports and regional airports, accelerating the transformation and acceleration of urban power grids. The construction of urban sewage and garbage disposal facilities and the acceleration of post-disaster reconstruction in the earthquake-stricken areas will increase the market demand for dump trucks. The relevant departments forecast that in the next few years, the demand for dump trucks will increase year by year, while the sales volume of large-tonnage dump trucks will still increase significantly. Enterprises should take into account their own conditions, market demand and future trends to consider the adjustment of the product structure of the dump truck.

Industrial Development Should Adapt to National Policies and Regulations

Most dump trucks are produced (modified) by special-purpose automobile companies. According to the new "Automobile Industry Development Policy" in 2004, the approval authority for special vehicle manufacturers for building factories has been devolved since 2004. That is, projects for investment in production-only automobiles will be approved by the provincial government's investment management department and submitted to the National Development and Reform Commission for filing. The registered capital of a special-purpose automobile manufacturing enterprise shall not be less than 20 million yuan, and it shall have the capability and conditions for product development. In fact, this requirement is very general. The threshold of unloading technology is relatively low, which has led to a large number of domestic production enterprises. If the production threshold is reduced, more production companies will be brought. Among the 200 or so special vehicle companies newly approved in 2005-2007, quite a few can produce dump trucks. As a result, excess production capacity and competition are further aggravated, and the phenomenon of “heavy management and light technology” is common.

In view of this situation, the “Circular on the Structural Adjustment of the Automobile Industry” issued by the National Development and Reform Commission in December 2006 stated: “In view of the excess production capacity of ordinary semi-trailers, dump trucks, tank trucks, vans, and warehouse-type vehicles, Enterprises that apply for new production of these products will not be accepted within 2 years." In recent years, although the dump truck market is still in an upward trend, it is not possible to relax production entry thresholds. Therefore, the “Notice” hopes to prevent vicious competition in the industry and restrict the healthy development of the industry by restricting new businesses and new students.

When formulating relevant policies for the special automobile industry, China generally classifies special automobile production enterprises as special transport vehicle manufacturing enterprises and operation-specific special automobile production enterprises, and dump trucks are in between. The relevant policies encourage the development of group-oriented and large-scale development of transport-specific vehicles (including dump trucks), and the development of special-purpose automobiles for serialization, depth, individualization and high added value.

R & D should be based on reality, long-term planning

In general, the current tipper technology in China is still at a relatively low level compared with developed countries. It can be said that there have been no major breakthroughs in unloading technology for many years. The main manifestations are materials, structures, processes, technical content, durability, and comfort. Even in terms of security, etc., most of them appear as "stupid and clumsy" images. In recent years, sudden "turnover" incidents have occurred in the domestic dump truck containers, which should cause production companies to pay enough attention.

Lifting technology is fundamental to the development of dedicated dump trucks. The market's demand for special dump trucks is more diversified, and some special dump trucks with special functions have emerged. The products will be developed in the direction of heavy-duty, strong professional functions, and high technical content. Large-tonnage heavy-duty transportation vehicles are high-speed and safe, and the unit transportation cost is low. Some major transportation vehicles of some developed countries in Europe and America are heavy-duty transport vehicles and various specialized semi-trailers. The production and possession of heavy-duty special vehicles account for About 80% of its total amount. China's special-purpose vehicles are subject to restrictions on road conditions and the production of special-purpose vehicles, and have always been dominated by medium-sized vehicles. The proportion of production of heavy-duty vehicles is obviously low. With the improvement of China's economy and traffic environment, the demand for special vehicles, especially heavy-duty special vehicles, will increase in various industries. Heavy-duty special vehicles such as heavy-duty dump trucks will win the favor of users.

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