Fukuda and Daimler get married and Auman become Mercedes brothers

The reporter learned from Foton Motor that Daimler and Foton Motors, which had been in "comfortable" for many years, recently signed a "cooperation agreement for commercial vehicles" in Berlin, Germany. According to the agreement, the two parties will set up a 50:50 medium and heavy truck joint venture company in China, and both parent companies will input products and technologies to the joint venture company. Fukuda's sub-brand Auman, as the only sub-brand of the joint venture company, naturally became Daimler’s sub-brand, which naturally turned into Mercedes-Benz’s “solo brother”. It is reported that the two sides will achieve "blessing to enjoy and have difficulties in the development of overseas markets and product technology development."

In contrast to the traditional Chinese auto industry that has always introduced foreign mature models and, to some extent, traditional joint ventures with foreign assembly factories, Foton Motors and Daimler have taken a new step in the joint venture. The global cooperation business operation center is the management decision, R&D, production, supply chain management, marketing management and other centers of the global cooperation business. Daimler will provide technology and experts to assist Futian Auman to upgrade its heavy truck products to meet the needs of the global market. The Auman brand products produced by future joint ventures can be sold overseas through Daimler's sales system. At the same time, domestically produced Daimler heavy-duty truck engines can be equipped with Auman heavy trucks to enhance the competitiveness of Auman heavy-duty trucks in China and emerging markets, so as to achieve mutual complementarity and benefit-sharing between the two parties in the domestic and foreign markets.

In order to celebrate this historic event and as a major product of the joint venture's previous period, the Auman 09 Smart Edition was officially launched nationwide. This product is based on Auman's original smart version, focusing on fuel economy and safety of the product. In terms of reliability, reliability, and comfort, it has undergone a comprehensive upgrade, especially in terms of fuel economy. At the same time, the entire series of models launched nationwide promotional season “Enjoy benefits, experience exclusivity”: Since February 1st, customers who purchased Auman heavy-duty trucks in batches can enjoy a warranty period of 2 to 6 months. Or 1 ~ 30,000 km, price discount 1% ~ 2.5%, giveaways, gifts and other accessories and other benefits.
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