More than 700 Futian scenery will be exported to Iraq

Futian Automotive Overseas Division received orders for more than 700 scenic light passengers from Iraq. Under the adverse circumstances of the financial crisis, Foton Motor ushered in the Year of the Ox.
On January 30th, the fifth day of the first lunar month, when most people were still immersed in the festive atmosphere of the traditional Lunar New Year, the workers at the Mengpak factory of the Shahe Factory of Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. worked overtime and worked hard to produce. The first line. It is understood that the reason why factories have to compete for time, even during the Lunar New Year to ensure the rhythm of production, mainly due to the production of Montgomery MPV MPV, scenic light passengers and fans products in the domestic terminal market out of stock phenomenon, overseas Market sales have also brought them large orders.

In response to the rapidly growing demand for orders, the plant has been busy since December 2008. The sudden increase in orders requires the factory to make adjustments in productivity and management, while ensuring product quality. Therefore, it is inevitable to work overtime to keep production beats to meet the follow-up of large orders.

Ding Zuxue, director of the Mengpak factory, who has worked for many years at Foton Motors, believes that for many years, Foton Motor has made great changes in product development. The acquisition of a large number of orders is the result of Futian Automotive's insistence on customer value and continuous improvement of product quality.

The two major brands of Foton and Landscape at Foton Motor Co., Ltd. have also greatly improved product performance, functionality, reliability and quality in 2009. Among them, Mengpike has won consumers' hearts with its large space, low fuel consumption, new appearance and high security in the market. Through three major system upgrades, 36 improvements, and 101 optimizations, the MP Parker MPV further enhances the overall competitiveness of its products and continues to maintain its comparative advantages with its competitors. The reason why Foton Landscape was able to win customers' favor was mainly due to its diesel 4JB1TDi and 4D20Di engines. These two engines have more powerful power, more fuel-efficient and more environmentally-friendly performance.
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