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The newly established China National Heavy Duty Truck Parts Manufacturing Department adjusted its corporate restructuring to new development opportunities and actively took the initiative. Within 10 days, it established a lean and efficient organization, defined responsibilities, and streamlined personnel relations. At present, middle-level management personnel have all Adjustments are in place and production and operations are carried out normally.

The Component Manufacturing Department held its first work conference in 2009. Li Jianting, general manager and party secretary, demanded that all cadres and employees should unify their ideological understanding, seize this development opportunity for restructuring and adjustment of the company, and achieve sustained and steady development of production and operations. At present, we must focus on the following tasks:

First, conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the Group Corporation's first work conference. Focusing on the “six changes” put forward by Ma Shuji, we must look for gaps in our own work, find weaknesses, and work hard in the new year to improve the quality and constantly enhance And savings companies develop strength and stamina.

The second is to clarify the management thinking. Under the new management model, each business department must do a good job in accordance with their respective functions, optimize fund management, establish a tender management committee as soon as possible, achieve unified tendering, purchase more than quality, and optimize and optimize suppliers. The processing department must do a good job in the production and transmission of parts and components and cost control.

The third is to do a good job of production organization. The processing departments cooperated with each other to ensure that 50 A7 parts production and delivery tasks were successfully completed, and lean production management methods were widely promoted to dig deeper potential from people, machines, materials, and materials. Each processing department must focus on implementing lean production methods, combining their actual conditions, introducing implementation plans, scientifically adjusting equipment layouts, in-depth research on product flow, rationalizing production processes, advancing 5S site management, and grasping safety production.

The fourth is to do a good job of technical quality work, do a good job in the quality process control of existing products, ensure product quality is excellent, do a good job planning new products, and at the same time we must boldly break through ourselves and learn the advanced technologies of foreign parts and components companies, and develop high technology content. , New products with strong competitiveness and enhanced capacity for sustainable development.

The fifth is to strengthen basic management. Efforts should be made to realize the transformation of management from “management” to “rationalism”. We must continue to innovate and improve continuously, and be good at finding problems, researching problems, and solving problems in process development, quality control, and production delivery, and strengthening enterprise information construction. , To achieve the sharing of information resources in various processing departments, and to improve the overall management level of the component manufacturing department.

Sixth, we must give full play to the fighting bastions of the grass-roots party organizations and the exemplary role of party members. Actively carry out the “Quality Pioneer” project and the “Party Responsibility Gang” activity, and give full play to the exemplary role of the party members in the production and operation work, make the party members become the vanguard and main force of the enterprise development, and give play to the role of the mass organizations such as the Communist Youth League of trade unions. The activities of “lean production methods in the team”, “youth position talents”, “quality trustworthy team”, “excellent creation talents”, selection contests, technical contests, and job trainings were carried out to guide the cadres and employees to stand on their own posts, contribute dedication, and actively participate in Business development.

In the new year and the new weather, in 2009 the majority of cadres and employees in the component manufacturing department must unite their thinking, strengthen their beliefs, and demonstrate the spirit of fighting hard and hard work. They must make every effort to seize opportunities, establish confidence, and create solidarity, courage, and diligence. Learning, harmonious development of corporate culture, and enhance corporate cohesion, and make new and greater contributions to the development of the group company.
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