The relationship between the gas flow meter and the pressure of the air compressor

We, Liangbang Instrument Factory, often encounter customers need to measure the air flow of the air compressor. So what type or style of flow meter is more appropriate? To solve this problem, we must first understand the working principle and flow parameters of the compressor. Below we will make a detailed explanation of the three most basic parameters.

What is the relationship between air compressor power, working pressure and volumetric flow? First of all, we first understand the definition of the three.

First of all, we must know what is the working pressure of the air compressor?

In fact, the working pressure of air compressors, domestic users often refer to the exhaust pressure. Refers to the highest pressure of the air compressor exhaust. The common working pressure unit is: bar or Mpa, and the conversion method is: 1 bar = 0.1 Mpa. Many users usually refer to the pressure unit as Kg. The conversion method is: 1 bar = 1 Kg.

2. What is the volume flow of the air compressor?

Volume flow, domestic users often say the amount of exhaust or nameplate flow. It refers to the amount of gas volume discharged by the air compressor per unit time under the required exhaust pressure. The unit of volume flow is: m3/min or L/min. In general, the commonly used flow unit is: m3/min. The conversion method is: 1m3 = 1000L.

3, what is the power of air compressor?

The power of the compressor refers to the nameplate power of the matched drive motor or diesel engine. The unit of power is: KW or HP. The conversion method is: 1KW ≈ 1.333HP.

1 In general, the power of the air compressor refers to the nameplate power of the matched drive motor or diesel engine;

2 The unit of power is: KW (kW) or HP (hp/hp), 1KW ≈ 1.333HP.

Second, we look at the relationship between the three:

In the case of constant power, when the speed changes, the volume flow and working pressure also change accordingly; for example: a 22KW air compressor, in the manufacturing process to determine the working pressure of 7bar, calculated according to the compressor host technology curve Speed, displacement is 3.8 m3/min; when it is determined that the working pressure is 8 bar, the speed must be reduced (otherwise the drive motor will be overloaded), at this time, the displacement is 3.6 m3/min; because the speed is reduced, the row The gas has also been reduced accordingly, and so on.

The power selection is based on the conditions of working pressure and volumetric flow. The power supply capacity can satisfy the matching power of the driving motor. Therefore, the steps for selecting an air compressor are: first determine the working pressure, then set the corresponding volume flow, and finally the power supply capacity.

What is the relationship between gas flow and pressure in the pipeline?

Pipe diameter - timing, flow proportional to pressure

Force - timing, pipe diameter is proportional to flow

When the flow rate is constant, the force is inversely proportional to the pipe diameter

After clarifying the relationship of these parameters, it is easier to select the correct and appropriate gas flowmeter. Changzhou Liangbang Instrument Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing floating differential pressure flowmeters. The product structure is such as glass rotor flowmeter and metal tube float flow. Meter, tiny metal tube float flow meter, purge device flow meter and so on. This type of flow meter has the characteristics of high accuracy, low relative cost, easy installation and use, and low maintenance and maintenance costs for gas measurement, and is deeply loved by users. Welcome to inquire our company, we have a professional technical team for your selection.

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