The driver was paralyzed on a high speed road and guarded 24 passengers with life.

The driver was killed on a high-speed road to death with a piece of iron to guard the life of 24 passenger diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-06-02

On the morning of May 29, Wu Bin, a fast bus driver of Hangzhou Changyun Passenger Transport Co., Ltd., came across a catastrophe.
At that time, he drove the bus to run normally at a high speed. He did not know where to fly a piece of iron and smashed the front windshield of the bus.
Liver damage, rib fractures, lungs, severe intestinal bruises... In just a few tens of seconds after a serious injury, Wu Bin managed to stop the car and stop the car, and reminded the 24 passengers in the car to safely evacuate and report the alarm. When it was safe, Wu Bin fell.
Due to his injuries, yesterday morning, 48-year-old Wu Bin passed away.
Couple's room can only put a double bed
Wu Bin’s home is in the five districts of Zhaohui. The front door of the building has already been filled with wreaths and elegiac couplets. Leaders, colleagues, friends, neighbors, enthusiastic citizens and netizens are sending more and more.
Into Wu Bin's home, this is only more than 60 square houses, is the old house of the early 80s. Wu Bin’s parents, wife, and daughter, a family of five people were crowded into two rooms.
Older parents lived in the north-facing room, and the south-facing room was slightly larger. Wu Bin used a glass door to separate the south facing room into two blocks. The lighting was good for the 16-year-old daughter, Yue Yue. The children should study and live in spacious spots. He and his wife were crowded in a space of about 4 square meters, only to put a small double bed.
The living room, which was not big, had Wu Bin's remains and portraits. It was difficult to turn around.
In order to arrange the incident, in the morning, Wu Bin’s wife, Wang Lizhen, and her father-in-law and her mother-in-law rushed to the funeral home.
At home, only a few relatives and her daughter, Yue Yue.
Yue Yue, who was still studying high school, sat next to his father's portrait. His eyes filled with tears and leaned toward his relatives.
Daddy's father called "Bin Ge" or "Bin Bin"
Wu Bin’s sister-in-law, Wang Lizhen’s sister Wang Limin, is helping with cooking.
She said that her sister has no stable job and basically cares for the elderly and children at home. Her brother-in-law is the pillar of her family. “Before I drove the buses and trucks of the Chinese bus, it was not very stable. It wasn’t very stable until I was a long-haul company in the past few years. Although I’m still very busy and tired, I’m a bit safe.”
Wang Limin said that her elder sister and her brother-in-law are very affectionate. Even though their days are ordinary and even a bit shabby, the two people never quarrelled. "Brother-in-law is a very interesting person, and looks very handsome. Like a policeman, he has a heroic hero. He often tells younger brothers and sisters about jokes and funny things, so he has formed a 'no big or no small' brother and sister. We All of them call Wu Bin to call his big brother and not call her brother-in-law."
At home, the daughter Yue Yue is also called "Bin Brother" or "Bin Bin."
The couple bought a ticket for a trip to Yunnan the next day
In Wu Bin’s room, the reporter found two movie discount coupons, each worth 30 yuan.
Originally, these two votes have been placed in Wu Bin's wife Wang Lizhen's bag. But last night, she cried and threw two tickets to her sister Wang Limin, saying that she would never look again.
Wang Limin told reporters that her brother-in-law has been very busy. She has to work overtime during the May 1st and 11th holidays. She has not had annual vacations for several consecutive years.
On weekdays, the sisters and brother-in-law’s hobbies and hobbies are usually after dinner, going downstairs for a walk, and occasionally going to a movie.
Watching movies is fun and romantic for both.
These two tickets were originally intended to be driven back from Wuxi in the afternoon of May 29 and Wu Bin would go to see it at night. Unexpectedly, a catastrophic incident had caused this agreed movie to come to an abrupt end.... .
The reporter learned that when Wu Bin and his wife Wang Lizhen married, they did not even have a honeymoon together. This also became the guilt of Wu Bin's heart, so as early as in the first few months, he finally ordered a travel agency and airline tickets. He planned to travel to Yunnan on May 30th to make up for the late honeymoon.
His wife, Wang Lizhen, said that this was the first time the two had traveled by plane. Whoever thought that this trip, which was 20 years late, has yet to begin, it will be cruelly put to an end.
The wife wants to keep her husband’s mobile number
His wife, Wang Lizhen, said that he wanted to keep his husband's mobile phone number and he could not let him down because it was her thoughts.
This number has been used by her husband for many years and has not been changed.
Wu Bin's cell phone ring tones is the clip of the "Death", which is a song that Wu Bin likes very often, often from time to time to pick up a few words.
Until last night, Wu Bin’s mobile phone also received a text message from a friend who had heard of his accident but did not know that Wu Bin had already left.
The text message says: Life meets, from God. A friendship, from sincerity. A blessing comes from my heart. I hope you will overcome difficulties and be healthy and safe.
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