"China Plastics Industry Development Report" released

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On May 30th, the 2012 China Plastics Industry Conference held in Ningbo released the “China Plastics Industry Development Report”. This report jointly issued by the China Light Industry Information Center, the China Plastics Processing Industry Association and the Dalian Commodity Exchange shows that at present, there are eight unfavorable factors in the development of China's plastic products industry, including irrational product structure, inter-regional development and unbalanced scale structure of enterprises. . The report therefore predicts that the output value of the plastic products industry this year will achieve a growth of around 20%, which is lower than the growth rate of 27.54% last year.

The report pointed out that although there are many favorable factors for the development of the plastics industry this year, there are many unfavorable factors. First, the product structure is irrational. For example, the proportion of high-grade agricultural film products in China is only 2%, and the proportion of low-grade products is as high as 60%. The second is the unbalanced development of the region. The major production areas of plastic products in China are concentrated in coastal areas such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangsu, and Liaoning, and there is a large gap between inland provinces, especially in the west. Third, the company's scale structure is not balanced. The proportion of SMEs in the industry exceeds 99%. They have problems with asymmetric information, low technological content, and simple and repetitive production issues. Fourth, the overall level of equipment is low and it cannot meet the special needs of high-level consumer and high-tech fields. Fifth, investment in science and technology and new product research and development capabilities are low. We have weak R&D strength in advanced molding processes, high-performance structural design, and custom product design, and fewer products with independent intellectual property rights. Sixth, industrial concentration is low and industrial competitiveness is not strong. According to statistics on the proportion of the industry's total output value of 10 key enterprises, the industry concentration of the plastics industry is only 5%. Seventh, due to the frequent occurrence of international trade friction, the difficulty of export increases. Eighth, it is the restriction of macro-policies such as "plastic limit order" and "restriction order".

According to the statistics of this report, last year the total output value of enterprises above designated size in China's plastics industry totaled 1.61 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.54%; profits and taxes amounted to 129.295 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 31.6%; total import and export trade amounted to 75.217 billion US dollars, up year-on-year. It grew by 22.46%.

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