Taking agricultural technology as a home

The new technique of diskless drought breeding and throwing rice is the practice of raising seedlings in dry land as compared with conventional water-raising seedlings. Compared with plastic seedling seedlings, the practice of diskless seedbed cultivation is a new assembly for stand-up seedling transplanting compared to conventional hand transplanting. Rice cultivation techniques. Outstanding technical points are: using "dry nurses" to seed the seeds before sowing, and integrating the problems of a series of complex operation processes such as soil sterilization, disinfection, acid adjustment, and soil balling at the roots of rice seedlings in dryland rice breeding. At present, the maximization of scientific and technological content of rice seedlings and the use of "fool" in practical operations. Effectively alleviate the problems of water-free breeding in the early spring, strained labor force, contradictions in the agricultural season during transplanting, and large labor intensity in bending and backgrowing, so as to achieve the purpose of drought control, cultivation, and cost-saving.
The agriculture department of our district actively promoted this technology. At the on-site meeting of Zhoubai Town, where spring and spring sowing and spring sowing of grain and oil production in the region was held on March 8th, the agro-technical expert focused on explaining and demonstrating the new technology of paddy-free rice breeding. The operation process and technical essentials included field technical training for more than 80 leaders and technicians from relevant department heads and 30 offices in the district, townships, and townships in charge of agriculture. After the meeting, the township and district governments signed the grain production target responsibility book, in which the entire region implemented a demonstration and promotion area of ​​5,000 mu.
On May 10th, a rice-free seedling planting workshop was held in Taiji Township, Chengnan Office, etc. When the participants saw scenes of seedling cultivation, seedling planting, etc., without discs and drought, they all gave high recognition. . At the demonstration site, a model surnamed Li surrendered while laughing and said: "In the past, I was engaged in the old method (refers to bending and planting), and the small (my children) went out to work. This way ( The transplanting of rice is not done by people, but hey, this year I'm doing a good job (it's very easy to work) and it's finished in two days. It's probably not enough to plant alcohol (referring to not cooking). 150 dollars."
According to the statistics, up to now, the area has actually implemented 5,270 mu of disc-free dry breeding area. It has already planted 2810 mu of Honda, which accounts for 53.3% of the planned area of ​​the project. It is expected that it will be completed by the end of May.
The new technology of diskless drought breeding and rice transplanting is the first year of demonstration and promotion in our region. Each technology needs to be further explored by agricultural technicians at various levels. The key technical guidance must be strengthened, including the application of fertilizers and sprays before throwing. Drug prevention of rice seedlings, improvement of Honda's site preparation quality, application of potash fertilizer, establishment of early planting and early planting of Kohatake (5-6 leaves), seedling planting, planting of seedlings, etc., to ensure that the new technology is demonstrated and promoted in our district. One, synergies. Effectively promote the recovery of food in our region.

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