Rubber joints installed in the pipeline can extend Gongyi Wanquan high-quality rubber joints

Wanquan reducer rubber joint rubber joint can be installed in the pipeline to extend. Acid-resisting and alkali-resisting rubber soft joints can automatically extend in the course of the use of weather-resistant natural changes, rubber soft joints commonly known as flexible rubber joints, its products are widely used in water, electricity, chemicals, ship mooring system, the main performance of high pressure, good elasticity (Axial, lateral angular displacement) Noise reduction, light weight, shock absorption, easy installation, flexible use, easy replacement and maintenance, at the same time with acid, alkali, oil and other characteristics. The product is automatically extended to weather-resistant natural changes during use. Gongyi City Wanquan Pipeline Equipment Factory--Henan Province is a contract-stressing and trustworthy enterprise whose structural materials use high-strength, anti-aging, polar rubber materials inside and outside the nylon cord. In order to prevent the product from shrinking naturally during long-term use and reduce aging cracks, multi-body protection is provided using meshed steel wires. Mainly used for lifting and transportation of raw water and sewage, feed water and cooling circulating water in thermal power plants, metallurgical industry, condensate, pipeline transportation of chemical substances in chemical industry, cooling in petrochemical industry, dilution and other industries. Flexible connection. Because rubber has high wear resistance, it is also suitable for cryogenic transportation of granular and powdery and vaporous gases in all industries. Wanquan different diameter rubber joints

BT Shrink Fit Tool Holder

1.High accuracy ,large clamping face and good dynamic banlance .Banlance G2.5/G6.3 for choose.
2.No gap after clmping tool,chip,cooling liquid ,dust will not enter.
3.very light and thin slope shape,try to avoid the occurrence of interference with workpiece .
4.Tool highlight is shortest,high rigidity,strong stable clamping and keep high accuracy .
5.We can to figure to sample processing ,and perfect after-sales service and technical support .

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