New automatic cutting joint machine investment

(Reporter Chen Weifang) The 90-degree automatic cutting joint machine developed by Guilin Lichuang Rubber Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was recently put into use in South China Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. to enable South China Tire to achieve automatic cutting and jointing of fiber-cords. China's semi-steel radial tire carcass ply traditionally uses automatic cutting and manual splicing, which has the disadvantages of unstable splicing quality, high labor intensity, and low production efficiency. Based on the successful experience of foreign countries, Guilin Lichuang Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. cuts, absorbs, splices, punctures, and reels the cord fabric on a production line and automatically completes it. The new automatic cutting joint machine is mainly composed of a guide opening, a storage cloth, a cutting, a vacuum suction, a joint, a puncture hole, and a coiling device. The new joint machine has high production efficiency, reaching 14 times per minute; the new press apparatus has high cutting accuracy; the vacuum suction does not deform the carcass; the splicing quality is stable; automatic puncture is achieved and the carcass puncture is even.

Granulation Equipment

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