Motor bearing abnormal sound analysis and solution

1, the sound of the holder "profit and profit..."

Cause Analysis:

It is generated by the vibration and collision of the retainer and the rolling element, regardless of the type of grease. It is more likely to occur when the torque, load or radial clearance is large.


A, improve the accuracy of the retainer

B. Use a bearing with a small clearance or apply a preload to the bearing.

C, reduce the torque load, reduce the installation error

D, choose good grease

2, continuous beep "å—¡å—¡..."

Cause Analysis:

The no-load operation of the motor produces a buzzer-like sound, and the motor has an abnormal axial vibration, and there is a "beep" sound when the motor is turned on or off.

Specific features:

The condition of multiple lubrication is not good. In winter, the motor with ball bearing is often used at both ends, mainly because of the unstable vibration caused by the axial vibration when the shaft alignment performance is not good.


A. Use grease with good lubricating properties

B, add preload, reduce installation error

C. Select bearings with small radial clearance

D, improve the rigidity of the motor bearing housing

E, strengthen the bearing's self-aligning

Note: The fifth point plays a fundamental improvement role, using 02 small groove curvature, 01 large groove curvature.

3, paint rust

Cause Analysis:

Since the motor bearing case is dried after the paint, the chemical components volatilized corrode the end faces, outer grooves and channels of the bearing, causing abnormal sounds after the channel is corroded.

Specific features:

After being corroded, the surface of the bearing is more rusty than the first side.


A. After assembling the rotor, casing, drying or drying

B, reduce the motor temperature

C. Choose the model that suits the paint.

D. Improve the ambient temperature of the motor bearing placement

E. With the adapted oil and fat, the grease will cause less rust, and the silicone oil and mineral oil are the most likely to cause

F, using vacuum dipping process

4, impurity sound

Cause Analysis:

Caused by the cleanliness of the bearing or grease, emitting an irregular abnormal sound

Specific features:

There are occasional sounds. There are no rules when there are big and small, and there are many high-speed motors.


A, choose good grease

B, improve the cleanliness before grease injection

C, strengthen the sealing performance of the bearing

D, improve the cleanliness of the installation environment

5, high frequency, vibration sound "å“’å“’..."

Specific features:

The sound frequency varies with the bearing speed, and the surface waviness of the part is the main cause of noise.


A. Improve the processing quality of the bearing raceway surface and reduce the waviness amplitude

B, reduce bruises

C. Correct the play preload and fit, check the operation of the free end bearing, and improve the accuracy of the shaft and the bearing seat.

6, warming up

Specific features:

After the bearing is running, the temperature is outside the required range

Cause Analysis:

A, too much grease, the resistance of the lubricant increases

B. If the clearance is too small, the internal load is too large.

C, installation error

D, the friction of the sealing equipment

E, bearing crawling


A, choose the right grease, the amount is appropriate

B. Correct the clearance preload and coordination, check the operation of the free end bearing

C. Improve bearing housing accuracy and installation method

D, improve the sealing form

7, the bearing feels bad

Specific features:

Feel the impurities and blockage inside the bearing when holding the bearing and rotating the rotor

Cause Analysis:

A, the clearance is too large

B, the inner diameter and the shaft are not properly matched.

C, channel damage


A, the clearance should be as small as possible

B. Selection of tolerance zone

C, improve accuracy and reduce channel damage

D, grease selection

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