Maoming builds its first batch of new PP devices

On September 1, the first batch of more than 3,000 tons of polypropylene produced by Maoming Petrochemical's new 300,000-ton/year polypropylene plant will be listed on the market. The new high-density polyethylene produced by the new 350,000-ton/year high-density polyethylene plant will also be launched in succession. market.

These two sets of devices are the main devices in Maoming Petrochemical's 1 million tonne/year ethylene renovation and expansion project. Maoming Petrochemical has adopted the principle of “completed one set, medium delivery, put one set, and created one set of benefits.” After processing the problems of the downstream device's rectification in the early stage, it uses the existing ethylene and propylene produced by the current 360,000 tons/year ethylene plant. With raw materials, the two sets of completion devices will be driven in time, and the entire process will be completed after the newly built 640,000 tpa/year ethylene device is started. This will not only drastically shorten the driving cycle, but also create more benefits.

As Maoming Petrochemical's ethylene renovation and expansion and new plant production capacity all rank among the top in the country, the output of plastic raw materials and liquid chemical products will increase significantly. In order to ensure the smooth production of roads and achieve maximum efficiency, Maoming Petrochemical and Sinopec Chemical Sales Guangzhou Branch have made careful arrangements for market positioning, product flow, customer segmentation, sales strategy, warehousing and transportation, etc., which has accelerated the export speed of products. In response to the large-scale production of new high-density polyethylene after the ethylene expansion, production and sales, the production and sales parties jointly organized product promotion in the Pearl River Delta, Southwest China, and China, visited more than 70 plastic processing companies, and established direct links with some large users. For relations. At the same time, after-sales service has been strengthened to increase users' trust in new products.

At present, the sales flow and transportation of more than 1 million tons of plastic raw materials and liquid chemical products newly added to Maoming Petrochemical's ethylene renovation and expansion have been arranged.

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