Jiangsu Kebao Dynamic Vertical Dryer Wins Invention Patent

Recently, Jiangsu Kebao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. officially received a notice from the State Intellectual Property Office: The company's "dynamic vertical dryer" was granted an invention patent (announcement CN1952571). Prior to this, this product has obtained 7 utility model patents. This invention patent marks the leading position in Jiangsu Kebao's drying technology and equipment and has become a new benchmark for drying technology and equipment in the country.
Looking at KeBao, Jiangsu Kebao company has turned upside down, its research and development and production of drying technology and equipment has become the mainstream product of domestic drying equipment, all economic indicators have gone higher, leaving a A solid footprint: applied for and obtained the patent of the first vertical dryer in 2002; passed the scientific and technological achievements of Jiangsu Province in 2003 and the provincial new product appraisal; in 2004, it was named “Top Ten Product of Building Materials Industry in Jiangsu Province” In the same year, it was recognized as the high-tech product of Jiangsu Province by the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province. In 2005, the R&D and production base for drying environmental protection equipment with an investment of 54 million yuan was completed and put into production. The new 6400-m2 technology center building and 115,800 m2 standard factory building have been completed and used one after another. In 2006, with the approval of the relevant authorities, the first research and development institution with legal personality in Jiangsu Province and even Yancheng Drying Engineering Technology Research Center was listed and operated. The “dynamic vertical dryer” was awarded by the National Development and Reform Commission SME Innovation Fund; 2007 In the year, "dynamic vertical dryer" won 6 utility model patents. In the same year, "dynamic vertical dryer" won the National Building Materials Industry Technology Innovation Award.
Recently, Cobb officially received a notice from the National Patent Office granting patents for inventions. The products have been blooming all over the country. As of November 2008, Guangdong Zhongshan Jianhua Group used 22 sets of Jiangsu Kebao drying and ancillary equipment. Domestic large-scale enterprises such as Sinosteel, Shanghai Baosteel, Beijing Lafarge, Shandong Shanshui Group, etc. are widely used, and the company has repeatedly won the major domestic bidding projects.
The top-ranking Kebo people will never stop at Banpo. The people of Cobb made a strong and inspiring effort to make the blueprint a reality, and continued to compose colorful movements and climaxes. They stepped onto the peak of domestic drying technology and equipment step by step, making people in the company and their peers take notice. Become a true leader in the industry.
Thick and thin, winning the market with excellent products
At the time of the global financial crisis, the domestic building materials and environmental protection machinery industry was also affected by the market, and the product sales market was shrinking. The company’s excellent products won the market and its sales did not suffer any impact. It showed a good momentum of development. This year's output value increased by more than 60% over the same period of last year. In November, Jilin Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China National Steel Corporation, and Jiangsu Kebao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. signed a drying and matching equipment contract worth 6.5 million yuan. A project contracted by this company needs to dry coke, and coke drying has a large breakage rate and the moisture does not meet the requirements. Cobb's Drying Engineering Research Center focused on its process requirements, researched repeatedly, formulated well-conceived technical solutions, and asked them to inspect the use of Jiangsu Lafayade, a user company of Jiangsu Kebao, and Shanghai Baosteel, and finally signed the agreement. This order.
In recent years, highly efficient dynamic vertical dryers, high-temperature boiling furnaces, dust pre-separated air boxes and pulse bag filter devices have successfully established themselves in the Shanghai market. As an international metropolis, Shanghai has high requirements both in terms of technology and environmental protection. The company has entered the Shanghai market with excellent technology, successively with Shanghai Haishu Building Materials Co., Ltd., Shanghai Baosteel Metallurgical Co., Ltd., and Shanghai III. Ding Nonferrous Metal Materials Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jianhua Pipe Co., Ltd. and other companies signed a contract, after installation and commissioning, production, quality, and environmental protection have reached the requirements of the contract. Shanghai Haiyu Building Materials Co., Ltd. uses KBH(D)2024 high-efficiency dynamic vertical dryer, KDMC dust pre-separation air box pulse bag filter, KBF high-temperature boiling furnace, the initial moisture of slag is 15%, 1% Below, the output reaches more than 40t/h, the smoke emission concentration meets the national standard, and the system operation status is stable.
Jiangsu Kebao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Jianhua Group are another example of successful cooperation. From the first cooperation between Jiangsu Kebao and Guangdong Jianhua Group in 2002, Jiangsu Kebao has provided 22 sets of highly efficient dynamic vertical dryers and associated dust collectors to the largest pipe pile manufacturing enterprise in China. And other equipment. Due to its stable performance and reliable quality, Guangdong Jianhua Group's companies in Shenyang, Tianjin, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hubei, Anhui, Fujian, Hunan, Henan, and Shandong have successively used Jiangsu Kebao's drying and dust collection equipment. .
In cooperation with Beijing Lafarge, Jiangsu Kebao and Yancheng Drying Engineering Technology Research Center have also achieved success. In early 2006, Beijing Xingfa Lafarge Cement Co., Ltd. used the KBH(D) efficient dynamic vertical dryer from Jiangsu Kebao for the first time and its supporting equipment. Beijing Xingfa Lafarge's inspection of product quality is very strict. Many people are sent to carry out quality inspections and inspections. The inspection results show that the products meet relevant standards. After installation and commissioning, one test run succeeded and the production went smoothly. The indicators were all satisfactory. The KBH(D)2012 high-efficiency dynamic vertical dryer has a stable output of 10 t/h or more, and the dust collector works well. The indicator complies with national standards and operates in a stable condition. On the basis of successful cooperation, in May 2006, Beijing Xingfa Lafarge and Jiangsu Kebao signed a set of KBH(D)2024 efficient dynamic vertical dryer for drying slag, and KMVP7 high-temperature coal. Powder furnace, Φ2100 cyclone dust collector. When the slag is dried, the initial moisture content is 12%, the final moisture content is below 2%, and the output reaches 40t/h or more.
High-quality product performance, professional production base, and sincere services have enabled Jiangsu Kebao to win the trust of Beijing Shunfa Lafarge and leave a good impression on Lafarge. In early 2007, Beijing Shunfa Lafarge Cement Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Kebao also signed a contract for efficient dynamic vertical dryers and ancillary equipment.
With innovative technology, stand on the cutting edge of drying technology
Practice has proved that innovation is one of the mysteries that Jiangsu Kebao drying technology and equipment can always stand at the forefront of technology. KBH vertical dryer is one of the earliest research and development products of Jiangsu Kebao. It effectively solves the problems of large investments in traditional drying equipment, high operating costs, high energy consumption, and serious environmental pollution. Big influence. However, Jiangsu Kebao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. did not meet the achievements it had achieved, but continuously summed up the experience and found out the inadequacies based on the user's response, so that the products could better meet the needs of the market and users. The company cooperated with Southeast University to develop a new generation of KBH(D) high-efficiency dynamic vertical dryer and new dynamic vertical drying system. After joint efforts with the Southeast University project team, the project was finally successfully developed.
The successful development of KBH(D) high-efficiency dynamic vertical dryer is a revolution in drying technology and it is at the leading domestic level. The specific content can be summarized as "one model, four for the first time", that is, establishing the digital design of the drying system. Parametric model, on-line detection and intelligent control of materials, wind and temperature. “Four for the first time” is the first use of a high-yield, high-efficiency heat exchange device (heat exchange using suspended, rotary, vibratory, and static devices); for the first time, the Karl flow coefficient and angle of repose under different working conditions for different materials , Design the internal static heat exchange parts angle, hole rate and opening size, make the material heat exchange scientific and reasonable; first use of fluid dynamics principles to reform the hot gas into the device to form a highly efficient energy-saving system; the first use of a unique adjustable structure design And advanced secondary air intake method, suitable for the temperature 250 °C ~ 350 °C waste heat drying materials.
The KBH(D) high-efficiency dynamic vertical dryer also solves the problem of clogging of the material in the drying process. A unique uniform feeding device and a suspended vibration slick blocking prevention device are used in the upper part of the dryer. Has applied for several national patents. This device is specially designed to adapt to the clogging phenomena that may occur in the drying process for various materials such as different particle size, moisture, density, gravity index, etc. These designs provide technical guarantee for not blocking materials. The actual coal consumption of the drying equipment is only 8kg/t~12kg/t. At the same time, the technology can also be used to dry the medium and low temperature waste heat of the new dry process kiln of the cement plant. This technology has applied for the invention patent.
Strengthen investment in science and technology to maintain the company's technological strength
In order to build an influential drying and environmental protection enterprise in the country and maintain the technical strength of the enterprise, Jiangsu Kebao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has strengthened the investment in science and technology, increased the cooperation with national research institutes, and strengthened the R&D and production of drying environmental protection. The construction of the base has strengthened the construction of the company’s scientific and technological contingent so that the performance of the company’s drying and environmental protection products is at the leading level in China.
In order to maintain the leading position of drying equipment technology in China and provide strong technical support for the core competitiveness of the industry, Jiangsu Kebao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. applied for the establishment of the Yancheng Drying Engineering Technology Research Center. The technical center has obtained the approval of the competent authority of science and technology and has obtained legal status. As the first drying engineering technology research center in Jiangsu Province, it has gathered a large number of high-grade, refined, and sharp composite talents with both professional knowledge and rich practical experience. He also worked with Southeast University, Nanjing Cement Design Institute, and Hefei Cement Design Institute. Universities and other institutions have established technical cooperation relationships. The annual R&D expenditure for scientific and technological R&D has reached more than 2 million yuan, and it has reached more than 10 million yuan in eight years. More than 20 national patents have been declared and obtained each year. In 2005, the company cooperated with Yancheng Institute of Technology to develop the “Material Drying with Low-Temperature Residual Heat,” and applied for a 2005 high-tech research project in Jiangsu Province. In 2006, it cooperated with Southeast University to develop a dynamic energy-saving energy-conserving cement industry. "Drying equipment" project, applied for the 2006 Jiangsu province science and technology research and tender project, and won the National Science and Technology Innovation Fund of the National Development and Reform Commission, and obtained a number of scientific research achievements and national patents.
In order to become an influential cement machinery company in the country, the company invested 54 million yuan in the Yancheng Economic Development Zone to build a grinding, drying R & D and production base. Today, modern standard factory buildings and office buildings have been completed and put into production. The complete infrastructure, good cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes, and the construction of scientific and technological talents have promoted the development of enterprises. The Drying Engineering and Technology Research Center has also provided strong support for strengthening the core competitiveness of enterprises, making them stand still. At the forefront of drying technology in the country, the company has maintained a good momentum of development.

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