Cao Hongxin: Four Issues Concerning the Innovation and Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine

On December 28, Cao Hongxin, the president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out at the Third Forum on Chinese Medicine Development that the four major problems faced by TCM's innovation and development are: The ability of theoretical innovation of traditional Chinese medicine based on clinical practice needs to be improved. The knowledge, methods, and techniques of traditional Chinese medicine in ancient medical books have yet to be excavated, sorted out, and sublimated. Chinese medicine and modern science and technology need to be further integrated, and Chinese medicine treatment technology needs further development and promotion.
According to the introduction of Cao Hongxin, with the advancement of the modernization of Chinese medicine, the health industry of Chinese medicine has become a pillar industry in many provinces and cities and occupies an important position in the development of the national economy. In 2007, the total industrial output of TCM decoction pieces and proprietary Chinese medicines was 179.626 billion yuan, accounting for 31% of the total output value of the pharmaceutical industry. The concept of returning to nature has made the advantages of Chinese medicine gradually recognized internationally. At present, more than 160 countries have traditional Chinese medicine and related products, and the number of people using traditional Chinese medicines and botanicals amounts to 4 billion. China and France, Russia, Italy, South Korea and other countries have carried out intergovernmental international cooperation in Chinese medicine. In 2008, the Sino-US strategic cooperation framework also included Chinese medicine. Facing the challenges and opportunities at home and abroad, improving the capability for independent innovation should be the strategic choice for the development of Chinese medicine.
Cao Hongxin emphasized that we must adhere to the basic ideas of independent innovation of Chinese medicine, strengthen the ability to prevent and cure diseases as the fundamental, take the improvement of independent innovation capability as the core, and take the “Six in One” as the direction of comprehensive and coordinated sustainable development to serve human health. For the goal. It is necessary to actively promote the “three major projects” of Yanhuang, Zhongjing, and Shizhen, which are key technologies for the research and development of Chinese medicine, and to deepen the development of relevant systems and mechanisms. We must step up the creation of an information and data research platform and an international cooperation and exchange platform.
At the meeting, Li Zhenji, vice chairman and secretary-general of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, made a report titled "Strategic Thinking on the Construction of International Standardization of Traditional Chinese Medicine". The forum was hosted by the China International Medical Exchange Foundation and the Chinese National Health Association. Sang Guowei, Abulahat Abdurixit, and Gu Xiulian attended the forum.

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