Germplasm Bank Construction Should Avoid Blindness

At present, as China attaches great importance to the protection of planting resources, many regions and units have started to build a plant germplasm resource bank. However, in general, the construction of a germplasm resource bank is a multi-discipline systematic project, so it is not Due to the lack of relevant experience, few units have caused some problems in the inventory of partially established germplasm resources, including the environmental parameters of storage cold storage cannot meet the design requirements; the insulation layer has not formed a closed whole and there is a “cold bridge”; Below 0 °C storage cold storage floor did not take antifreeze measures, the ground frost heave, cracks and so on. In turn, the process of planting resources protection is affected. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, the construction and design of the germplasm resource bank should avoid blindness, but should abide by certain rules and regulations. In general, germplasm resources library The design must follow the requirements of safety, reliability, forward-lookingness, etc., as well as the rational and practical layout and environmental protection requirements. At the same time, due to the highly professional design of the germplasm resource bank, in addition to complying with these necessary principles, it is also necessary to seek professional companies such as Top Cloud Yunnong to participate in the design and construction.
In addition, before the establishment of a germplasm resource bank, it is also necessary to clarify the use of the germplasm pool that needs to be built and determine the type of germplasm resource bank according to the purpose. For example, germplasm resources are not only seeds, but also plants, roots, stems, germs and cells, and even DNA fragments. Therefore, the germplasm resource bank can be divided into low-temperature germplasm storage banks, in vitro seedlings storage banks, cryogenic storage banks, and DNA banks according to different germplasm objects preserved. Therefore, be sure to clarify your own needs before construction.
In addition, due to the high investment cost of building a germplasm resource bank, when designing, it is not only necessary to see the current need for conservation of germplasm resources. Instead, it should consider the development of the next 10 to 20 years and leave it to the layout and design. There is a certain amount of room for development to facilitate subsequent upgrades and expansion. In short. The establishment of a plant germplasm resource bank is a multi-discipline and highly professional system project. In the absence of current design and construction regulations, in order to avoid the blindness of the germplasm resource bank construction and reduce construction costs and resource waste, We suggest that the relevant departments or units should choose professional companies to cooperate and design and build a germplasm resource bank that is more practical, safer, and more professional.

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