A confession from an Anhui Tianlong flagship user

My surname is Shen, who is from Anhui and is an 80-year-old company that operates a logistics and transportation company. In general, I am a person who likes to make friends. Whether it is a client or a partner, I will always be a brother.

Dongfeng Tianlong flagship customer delivery site

I routinely maintained and maintained at the 4S store and personally witnessed Dongfeng Cummins's service level of the engine. I often heard from service personnel that Dongfeng Cummins' ISZ 13 litre engine has high horsepower, high torque, advanced technology, and we have upgraded our fleet logistics vehicle. Thoughts. It wasn’t long before the Tianlong flagship new car equipped with this engine arrived. I offered 15 cars without hesitation. I plan to use these 15 vehicles to run the LTL distribution line from Suzhou to Beijing. Special line transportation business requires no time-consuming supply, and it requires high timeliness. With these 15 flagship vehicles, coupled with the high quality Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle and Dongfeng Cummins service guarantee. Let me have a kind of "friendship" feeling, and my heart is very practical.

Tianlong flagship customer delivery site

When it comes to delivery, there is an episode. My friend, Xu Xu, is the boss of a transportation company in Guangzhou. He has a business to transport cloth from Hangzhou to Guangzhou. The customer requested that more than 1300 kilometers be completed within 17 hours, and the timeliness requirements are also high. One day he came to me and talked about the trailer. After I saw the brand new flagship car parked in the yard, I felt very high-end. I told him that this new car was equipped with Dongfeng Cummins' 13-liter engine, 480 hp. His total cargo weight does not exceed 50T, this car easily meets his requirements. According to dealers, the ISZ 13-liter engine is very powerful, low-speed torque is very large, the speed range can be maintained at 1000rpm-1300rpm, the engine running in this speed zone will be more fuel-efficient. Xu resolutely rejected other brands of vehicles that had already been set up, grinding me and dealers every day, and had to give him five cars. Finally, with the efforts of the dealers, I and Lao Xu performed the handover ceremony at the same time.

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