Daihatsu Brand was forced to withdraw from China

A few days ago, Japan’s Daihatsu Motors announced on its official website that the products produced by FAW Jilin will be sold under the “FAW” brand this fall. Dafa brand was forced to withdraw from the Chinese market due to continued sales downturn. The first Japanese car brand that has been forced to withdraw from the Chinese market in recent years.

The reporter browsed the website of Daihatsu China. The earliest news material still remained on December 6, 2008. The news of the rebranding was published on the English website of Daihatsu Japan.

Daihatsu acknowledged on its official website that due to the fact that the Xenia Xenia model of the DAIHATSU brand put into operation in China did not reach the previously expected production and sales scale of 30,000 units, Daihatsu Motors decided to change its marketing strategy in the Chinese market, and in conjunction with FAW and FAW. After deliberation, Jilin Automobile Company decided to replace the original FAW logo with Xenia’s original logo, which means that the Xenia Xenia multi-purpose vehicle produced by China’s Daihatsu brand will formally end its mission and FAW FAW will be hoisted by the end of the year. Sign for sale. In addition, Daihatsu also emphasized that despite the replacement of the logo, the level of cooperation in technology transfer between the two parties has not changed.

It is understood that this is another round of disappointment for Dafa Motors in its 25 years of entry into China. The previous two were the Tianjin Automotive Huali Project and the FAW Toyota DARIO (Tai Lu) brand Tracy project. Daihatsu is currently in a much worse situation than other Japanese brands that have made special profits in the Chinese market, such as Toyota, Honda and Nissan.

In fact, as early as 1984, Daihatsu signed a technology licensing contract with Tianjin Automobile for the mini-commercial vehicle HIJET (Hua Li), and Tianqi started to produce Huali Micro Commercial Vehicles. However, this model has not been recognized in the Chinese market and lost to other domestic mini-car brands such as Chang'an and Hafei in the fierce market competition.

In 1986, Daihatsu Motors transferred Xiali's technology to Tianqi. Although it has profited from technology transfer, it is not the brand of Daihatsu.

As a result, Dafa Motors signed a TERIOS technology licensing agreement with FAW Huali (Tianjin) Automotive Co., Ltd. in 2003. However, because of the high pricing, the company has high expectations for Toyota and Daihatsu vehicles. The small SUV suffered a fiasco in the Chinese market.

At the end of 2005, Dafa Motors Co., Ltd. and FAW Group relaunched their cooperation and signed a cooperation agreement with FAW Jilin Automobile Co., Ltd. in Jilin City, Jilin Province to jointly manufacture and sell small-sized multi-function vehicles under the Daihatsu brand of Daihatsu Motors in Jilin. Cars. However, according to the data released today, the sales volume of this vehicle in China is only 5,100 vehicles a year, which is far from the design scale of 30,000 vehicles.

It is reported that after replacing the "FAW" FAW logo, FAW Jilin Automobile will continue to cooperate with Daihatsu. The production of mini-cars will be the main task of this factory in the future.

About Daihatsu Motors

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. established "Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd." in March 1907 for the production and sale of internal combustion engines. In 1951, it was renamed "Daihatsu Automotive Industry Co., Ltd.". In 1998, Dafa Motors was acquired by Toyota and became a member of the Toyota Motor Corporation. It is responsible for the production of small cars, and Toyota holds 51.2% of the shares. Currently, Daihatsu Motors Corporation is headquartered in Ikeda, Osaka Prefecture, Japan, and sells small cars in 130 countries around the world.

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