CNC System Development Leads the Machine Tool Industry in the Twelfth Five-Year Development

In the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, the Chinese machine tool industry has developed rapidly. According to the data of the production value of the machine tool industry, in 2005, the total industrial output value of China's machine tool industry was only 130 billion yuan; in 2006 it exceeded 200 billion yuan; in 2007 it reached 260 billion yuan; in 2008, it exceeded 300 billion yuan; in 2009, it was in continuous 8 After maintaining the world's largest consumer nation for the first time, China became the world’s largest machine tool producer for the first time with an output value of 401.42 billion yuan. Over the past five years, China's machine tool industry has continued to develop at a high speed. Except for the increase of 16.1% in 2009, it is more than 25% in other years.

Accelerate product structure adjustment

Talking about the development of China's machine tool industry in the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, Professor Jia Yuqin of Taiyuan Heavy Machinery College said in an interview with a reporter from China’s United Business, “In the new five years, the machine tool industry should be more clear about its direction of development. The direction of the numerical control system and actively creating good conditions and environment for the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.” This hope is indeed the desired result, so experts believe that, first of all, we should further accelerate the structural adjustment of machine tool products to further improve the industrial chain; Second, the implementation of enterprises Structural adjustments to improve manufacturing production levels. Not only that, but also for the production enterprises should also be given incentives, support policies, increase the production of CNC machine tools manufacturing, and strive to increase the proportion of high-grade CNC machine tools and exports of export benefits.

In terms of machine tool standards, Shao Qin, deputy director of the China Machine Tool Industry Association’s industry department, interprets the 12th Five-Year Plan of the machine tool industry and believes that in the new year, the direction of the standardization work in the machine tool industry should be more clearly defined. The purpose is to fully understand the significance of the work of standardization and the mission to be undertaken. It is hoped that the industry and enterprises will pay more attention to the standardization work, implement related policies, and continuously promote the combination of standard work and industry development.

Developing NC System and Its Application

In October 2010, the State Council's "Decision to Accelerate the Cultivating and Development of Strategic Emerging Industries" pointed out that based on the characteristics of strategic emerging industries, focusing on China's national conditions, science and technology, and industrial base, at this stage, we must focus on cultivating and developing energy conservation and environmental protection, and a new generation of The industries of information technology, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, and new energy vehicles, etc., proposed that basic supporting capabilities should be strengthened, and intelligent manufacturing equipment with digital, flexible, and system integration technologies as the core must be actively developed. The machine tool is the most important thing.

The CNC system is the core of high-end equipment control. The person in charge of the China Machine Tool Industry Association stated that in the future, technological innovation and the development and research capabilities of high-end products should be continuously improved, industrialization capability should be formed as soon as possible, and product reliability and stability should be strengthened. To meet the "Twelfth Five-Year" high-end equipment and basic equipment needs, for the "Twelfth Five-Year" machine tool NC standardization can create a new situation.

CNC machine tools are the mainstream equipment for the modern machinery manufacturing industry. It is reported that several large-scale machine tool factories have begun to set up an industrial base for numerical control machine tools. In addition to the support of the government, the construction of CNC machine tool industry bases and enterprises that have settled in bases can also obtain some preferential policies.

However, at present, most of the supporting facilities for controlling the machine tool industry base are not perfect, and it is difficult to form an industrial cluster effect. This is related to the particularity of the matching processing of the machine tool industry. According to relevant industry sources, machine tools are not mass production equipment, and they are characterized by specificity and personalization. Sometimes a new set of equipment will not have similar orders for a long time after processing a set of parts, and the equipment will be idle. It is hoped that the government will issue supporting policies for machine tool supporting enterprises to help enterprises accelerate development.

With the rapid development of electronic information technology, the world machine tool industry has gradually entered the era of mechatronics with digital manufacturing technology as its core, such as CNC machine tools. The CNC machine tool industry is advancing toward the high end. It is an important basis for the processing of the manufacturing industry and the national economy. It is understood that countries such as Europe, the United States, and Japan have successively completed the industrialization of CNC machine tools. Because of the advanced technology of CNC machine tools in foreign countries, high-speed, high-precision and multi-axis machining have become the mainstream of CNC machine tools, and nano-control has become a high speed. The trend of finishing; the integration of machine tools and robots is becoming more and more popular; multi-tasking and multi-axis machining CNC machine tools are increasingly applied to energy, aerospace and other industries; intelligent processing and monitoring capabilities continue to expand.

Prof. Jia Yuqin told reporters from China’s Union Business Daily: “The current machine tool industry in China, while improving its own technology, should also learn from foreign excellent experience. After all, foreign development is relatively mature.”

Experts predict that the compound growth rate of the machine tool industry will be 25% to 30% in the next five years, and high-end CNC machine tools will become the main force for growth. With the continuous deepening of China's industrial upgrading and structural adjustment, as well as the development of high-end manufacturing industries such as aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, and electronics, the demand for machine tools, especially high-end CNC machine tools, will continue to increase. China's machine tool industry will also regard technological innovation as a strategic measure to promote industrial upgrading, in order to increase the level of industrialization, promote the independent innovation of enterprises, and realize the steady development of the machine tool industry.

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