12 stocks recommended by major institutions in June

Machinery and equipment industry: Focus on the growth prospects, stable and good sub-industry leading companies

It is recommended to pay attention to G Heli (600761). As the leader of the national forklift industry, the company actively carries out independent technological innovation and continuously introduces new products. Therefore, the company can effectively share the steady growth value of China's logistics demand, grasp the starting point of the rising tide, and now the bottom of the institution's list of positions in the foreign exchange market, the through train does not have to earn only stable. earn
. In 2005, the company successfully completed the R&D and market launch of G series 3 tons internal combustion forklift, environmental protection and energy saving battery forklift, ZL50 loader, CPCD180EC5VO and CPCD250EC7VO stacker, 16 tons or more forklift and series electric tractor. The attachments and key components are being tackled, speeding up the research and development and marketization of reloading equipment. The preliminary project of the company Heli Industrial Park has been successfully put into operation and the production capacity has been further expanded. Benefiting from the growth of market demand and the expansion of its own production capacity, in the first quarter of 2006, the company's main business income, main business profit and net profit increased by 58.97%, 70.63% and 91.27% respectively over the same period of the previous year.

It is recommended to pay attention to G Jinxi (600495). During the "11th Five-Year Plan" period, the state will increase investment in railway infrastructure construction. The extension of the railway network, the increase in the weight of the aircraft and the speed of the locomotive will drive the growth of train axles and railway locomotives. G Jinxi (600495) is in a leading market position in the train axle industry. In 2005, the company increased its research and development of new products and continued to maintain its leading position in the industry. The company took the lead in completing the development and trial production of RE2B axles for heavy-duty trucks of 70 tons; on the basis of introducing and absorbing international advanced manufacturing technologies, the company completed The manufacturing technology of the ultra-low temperature special passenger car axle of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway line and the feasibility, adaptability demonstration and mass production of the key inspection technology; successfully passed the project evaluation of the high-speed train hollow axle research and development project. In the first quarter of this year, the company's railway axles also achieved major breakthroughs in export sales, both production and sales increased significantly and reached a record high. The development of the international market will further broaden the company's performance growth space, while the stability of the company's performance growth will also be enhanced.

Pharmaceutical industry: pay attention to the value revaluation of quality brands

The policy price reduction of drugs and the government's rectification of the pharmaceutical circulation link will further highlight the value of R&D and innovation of pharmaceutical companies and the standardization of marketing networks. The mechanism of survival of the fittest in the pharmaceutical industry will be further strengthened. Therefore, the process of integrating quality growth of high-quality pharmaceutical companies will accelerate and quality will be accelerated. The value of pharmaceutical brands will continue to be revalued by the market.

It is recommended to pay attention to G Tianshili (600535), a leading company in the field of modernization of traditional Chinese medicine. The company attaches great importance to R&D investment, and has strong R&D capabilities. The future market position and continuous performance growth are expected. The company's main products, such as Compound Danshen Dripping Pills, Yangxue Qingnao Granules, Shuifeiqibin Capsules, Jinghua Weikang Capsules, and Huoxiang Zhengqi Dropping Pills, have grown steadily. In addition, the company and its subsidiaries have more than 30 products under research, of which nine products have completed clinical research and summary, are in the stage of applying for new drug certificates and production approvals, among which, series freeze-dried powder injections and recombinants New drugs such as urokinase will soon enter the industrialization stage.

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