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What a landscape water

Landscape water usually refers to the water used for visual viewing, usually divided into two categories: one is the natural water features, like natural lakes, rivers, etc .; the other is artificial water features, such as fountains, artificial lakes, urban small rivers, etc. Is open-air surface water, self-purification capacity is very low, and very easy to be contaminated. The landscape water generally includes ponds, artificial lakes and small rivers that flow through the city, etc. Landscape water management should be tailored to local conditions and comprehensively managed Commonly used methods include physical, biological, and ecological methods. Assuming no sewage discharge, landscape water mainly faces the following major pollution factors:

1. Surface and soil organic matter and nitrogen and phosphorus elements brought by surface runoff from rainwater (surface water pollution is equivalent to domestic sewage);

2. Atmospheric dust brought by foreign organisms and nitrogen and phosphorus elements;

3. Lake itself continuously derived from the death of biological communities accumulated organic matter;

4. Sun exposure in summer caused a large number of blue-green algae outbreak.

Landscape water treatment in our country is a new industry, the real demand is only the last 3-5 years thing, and the market is relatively small. Lack of professional management companies and researchers is a chronic illness in this field. Now there are a number of new companies in the field of landscape water treatment, with various methods and unsatisfactory results. Some are swimming pool water management company switch to the use of the swimming pool filter to control the landscape water; some are involved in scientific research institutions, the use of grass, fish to control; there are other ways: investment law, bio-agent law, eco-law, insects and insects Law and so on.

"Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth," and in the face of numerous disorganized governance methods, it can only be trusted by technologies that have proven to be very successful in practice. The more successful cases, the longer running time, the more trustworthy. There are only a few landscape water management technologies that have been successfully implemented in our country. On the contrary, most of the governance technologies are ineffective or are still at a trial and error stage of exploration, and some of them even have major defects. As an owner or designer of engineering and technical personnel need to carefully understand the main source of open-air landscape water pollution, assessment of a treatment method for each of the root causes of pollution can be the right remedy, can effectively deal with the method, so as to avoid the selected There are major flaws in the program.

Two commonly used processing technology

1. Respiratory dissolved oxygen - increase water dissolved oxygen, fresh, activated

Simulate the nature of the waterfall water flow, according to oxygen transfer principle to increase the total oxygen content in the water flow to reduce the thickness of the liquid film to speed up the gas and liquid interface updates, increase gas and liquid contact area. In other words, sufficient water subdivision, increasing the contact area of ​​water and air in the air, full aeration, making the water is rich in dissolved oxygen, while ammonia, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases spill from the surface. Because redox action is an important role in water purification, dissolved oxygen in water can react violently with contaminants, thereby removing harmful substances in the water. According to the water quality test, the dissolved oxygen in the treated water is kept in a saturated state, so that the water is always fresh and activated

2. Hydraulic Flotation - Removal of organic and inorganic substances in water

By having a respiratory function (ie, aeration), the water body produces a lot of foam. The reason for foaming is that soaps and proteins in water act as foaming agents, namely nitrogen, phosphorus, grease, protein, chlorophyll, and anionic synthetics. When the original water mixed with foam flow to the filter layer, the foam is lighter than water, floating above the water surface, the pressure inside the device is very small, the filter layer with smaller particle size, larger natural anti-composite filter, the foam can not Through the filter below, can only float on the surface. When the foam is getting more and more, it can only be discharged through the "exhalation pipe" or, when the canister is backwashed, the foam is washed away with the water flow. This process can completely remove the various organic-inorganic substances shot in the water.

Gravity micro-pressure fine filtration - highly efficient retention of suspended solids

Through multiple layers of natural composite filter will be "call" not out, "floating" does not go to the solid particles trapped in the well seepage well designed fine filter. Filter particle size and raw water dispersed particles, which is consistent between. Due to the characteristics of this stratified filtration, bacterial removal rates of up to 90% can even be achieved. As we all know, E. coli particle size is 0.5u, in other words, this composite filter can remove all particles above 0.5u for 0.5u above algae can also be effectively removed.

4. Chlorine pulse disinfection - to kill residual bacteria in water to improve the water body's own immune capacity

The so-called water immune function, water must contain trace long-term bactericidal factor 0.30.5mg / L of chlorine. It can effectively curb the multiplication and growth of bacteria and viruses in water, curb the propagation of algae and algae spores, and the long-acting bactericidal factor is called water immunity, which is the fundamental guarantee that water quality will not deteriorate.

5. Automatic drainage function - discharge interception surface was intercepted impurities

Raw water through the filter layer, water impurities are intercepted, filter layer resistance increases, resulting in water level rise, when the water level rises to a certain high, according to the principle of fluid mechanics automatically drained, automatic washing, automatic recovery filter, filter reset their own arrangement. Rinse intensity 32L / m2.s, rinse lasted 2min, to filter water quality (turbidity), <0.14mg / L

Third, the technical characteristics:  

Aeration oxygen - discharge water ammonia, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other gas with the first word of harmful gases, while the oxygen in the air dissolved in water, so that there is enough dissolved oxygen in the water, keep the water fresh, activation.

Effectively remove the foam in the water - to remove organic matter in the water, that is, phosphorus, nitrogen and other foam material, in order to maintain good water quality, sparkling water surface, pan-blue wave.

Composite multi-layer fine filter - filter never change, automatic backwash, automatic work, automatically exclude all kinds of impurities in the water.

Water immunity is a bactericidal factor - the system automatically disinfects, to ensure effective chlorine in water, long-term sterilization, long-lasting immunity.

System Automation Efficient Fine Filter - System Automation Efficient fine filter, valve-free, non-operating, is the world's only fully automatic high efficiency fine filter initiative.

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The structure of it is simplified, easy to control.
The optical system adopts a fully sealed structure with a red light preview function, which has a more beautiful appearance and more convenient operation;
High photoelectric conversion efficiency, high beam quality, fine lines and small spots;
It adopts air-cooling method for cooling, which has low energy consumption.

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