More and more cars cause environmental problems

According to the emission classification, the passenger cars in the countries in and around the country IV account for 22.7% of the total amount of car exhaust gas treatment equipment, the national III car is 52.5%, the national car II is 10.4%, and the national I car accounts for 10.6%, the other 3.8% of the cars still do not meet the national I specification. According to the classification of environmental protection marks, “green-labeled vehicles” accounted for 93.2%, and high-emitting “yellow-marked vehicles” still accounted for 6.8%.

Wang Jian said that monitoring shows that with the rapid increase in the number of motor vehicles, the beginning of urban air in China presents the characteristics of combined pollution of soot and motor vehicle exhaust, directly affecting people's health. In 2014, the country's motor vehicle emissions were 45.473 million tons, 0.5% less than in 2013, during which the nitrogen oxides (NOx) 6.278 million tons, particulate matter (PM) 574,000 tons, hydrocarbons (HC) 4.284 million tons, carbon monoxide (CO) 34.37 million tons.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the 2015 Annual Report on the Prevention and Control of Motor Vehicle Pollution in China (hereinafter referred to as the “Annual Report”), which released 2014 the state of motor vehicle pollution emissions. The annual report shows that China has become the world's largest motor vehicle production and sales country for six years in a row. Motor vehicle pollution has become the main source of air pollution in China. It is the main reason for the formation of haze and photochemical smog pollution. The urgency of pollution prevention and control of motor vehicles is increasing. Highlighted.

Wang Jian, deputy director of the Department of Pollution Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, said that China’s motor vehicle exhaust gas treatment equipment prices continued to increase. In 2014, the production and sales of cars in the country reached 23.723 million and 23.496 million vehicles respectively. Compared with 1980, the number of motor vehicles in the country has increased 33-fold to reach 247.576 million. During this period, there were 145.252 million cars, 9.78 million low-speed cars and 91.53 million motorcycles.

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