Improve the service life of belt conveyor equipment

Belt conveyors are also called belt conveyors and belt conveyors. During the long-term use, many users have reported that the belts have a short service life. Today, we analyze the reasons that affect the service life of the belt conveyors of the ore dressing equipment and how to improve them. The solution to the service life of conveyor belts is one of the common faults of belt conveyors.

Belt conveyor belt short life analysis:

1. The poor quality of the belt is one of the main culprits affecting the service life. Therefore, when purchasing, the three brothers should not choose to use a poor quality belt to save money.
2. The belt conveyor should ensure the reliability and ease of use of the cleaner during operation. There should be no material on the return belt. If the above contents are not guaranteed, the material on the return belt will enter the drive roller or the reverse roller with the return belt, and the belt will be damaged by the material and will damage the vulcanized rubber layer on the surface of the drum. A break will appear on the belt, reducing the life of the belt.

How to improve the service life of the belt conveyor of the beneficiation equipment:

1. Improve the conveyor belt drop hopper. Improving the conveyor belt drop hopper is one of the effective measures to prevent early damage of the conveyor belt.
2. The claw pulley of the conveyor at the transition point. Practice has confirmed that the lateral strength of the steel rope conveyor belt is insufficient. When starting, the belt pulley causes the belt to be partially stressed too much, which causes the belt to be torn and the belt pulley to be changed into a belt roller. This problem can be completely solved. .
3. Add a scraping device at the reversing drum. A scraping device is added at the reversing drum along the conveyor belt to eliminate the problem of material adhesion at the reversing drum, and to solve the partial damage of the conveyor belt caused by the drum sticking.
4, large arm boom conveyor belt weight reduction. Coal mining systems yard stacker boom conveyor initial life is very short, heavy counterweight design is caused by the belt tension is too large, an important reason for premature aging cracking.
5. Improvement of the transition point of the head, tail and intermediate transfer of the beneficiation equipment. The transition length and transition mode of the conveyor head, tail and intermediate transfer have a great influence on the service life of the conveyor belt. It is necessary to carry out a reasonable transition design, and try to reduce the damage of the conveyor belt glue to ensure that there is no folding or intermediate bulging of the conveyor belt, and the material is not spilled at the blanking point.
6, the conveyor belt local damage repair technology to extend the service life (1) local thermal vulcanization;
(2) Partially cold splashing, the product has the United States Fusit (1sfline) technology liquid polymer composite repair materials, Detong Defukang, etc., but need to be normal temperature for about 10h;
(3) Partially cold-bonded, using the German Tipupu company repair strip (longitudinal cracking plant = i), cold viscose-T2 composite rubber longitudinally fill the crack plug (requires special glue gun).
(4) Conveyor belt spray repair technology. The technology is to mix several liquid materials through special equipment and spray high pressure on the belt wear surface. Spray a certain thickness of wear layer as needed.
7. Reasonable choice of belt type and maintenance Reasonable selection of plough, timely correction of the correcting device along the line according to seasonal changes, and the addition of sun protection cover to winter maintenance and other measures can also extend the life of the beneficiation equipment conveyor belt.
8. Adjusting the direction of the flow direction The flow direction has an important influence on the service life of the conveyor belt. The material flow should be operated in the same direction as the conveyor belt, which can greatly improve the service life of the equipment.

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