Crystal reading glasses please?

First of all, go to a regular, reputable optical shop to find a qualified optometrist optometry. After the optometrist optometry, a prescription prescription will be issued. In particular, it is worth reminding that the purchase of reading glasses on the spot is to be assisted by professionals to ensure that the optical center horizontal distance of the selected reading glasses matches your interpupillary distance.

Choose the frame to identify the quality of the frame can mainly consider the following: 1. Good elasticity is generally better. 2. Plating smooth and shiny frames are of good quality. 3. The smooth, small and uniform frame quality is better. 4. The assembly of parts is tight. 5. The size and shape of the left and right mirrors must be exactly the same, and the nose should be symmetrical.

Selecting Spectacle Lenses In general, spectacle lenses can be divided into two major categories, namely glass lenses and optical resin lenses. Glass lenses include optical glass lenses and high-refractive index lenses (so-called super-thin sheets), which have high hardness and good abrasion resistance. Generally, their quality and parameters do not change with time, but the resistance of glass lenses Impact and weight are slightly inferior to resin lenses. Resin lenses are generally much lighter than glass lenses, and their impact resistance is better than that of glass. However, their surface hardness is relatively low and they are easily scratched. Resin lenses and coated lenses are soft because of their characteristics, so usually should pay attention not to let the mirror directly contact with hard objects, scrub it is best to use clean water (or blend with a small amount of detergent) cleaning, and then use a special cloth or high-quality cotton paper Dry droplets on the lens.

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